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Monday, October 31, 2011

yes i've been in MAINE

The past 5 days I have been in Orono, Maine.  This quaint little town is home of the Black Bears! The University of Maine has about 10,000 students and is the main campus in the state.  Maine is famous for Lobster, blueberries, whoopie pies, moose, and football HOCKEY!

While visiting I got to do lots of fun things...

eat lobster for the first time!  I have never had it before so the chapter was sweet enough to cook it for me!  The prez herself did a great job!  It was honestly just like a big crawfish.  She pronounced it 'crayfish' I quickly set her straight. :)  My actual lobster was pregnant....you could see the little orange eggs. Gross I know but this did not effect the deliciousness.

like taste a whoopie pie! A whoopie pie? What is that? Basically a whoopie pie is two brownies shaped in a circle with creme in the middle.  Not quite brownie not quite cake.  It was certainly tasty!  They sell them at the student union.  This is where I got to people watch during the day.
Cute boys and cute winter outfits.  Great combo.  Thanks UMaine!

 sight see and shop!

The Paul Bunyan statue is the largest PB statue in the world...cool!
The other pictures are of the local scenery...

Downtown square in Orono

local pizza place that has turned into a Maine chain

see SNOW!

posing in front of the Black Bear statue on campus
Let me just be honest.  I.DID.NOT.LIKE.THE COLD. WEATHER.
If you saw my facebook or twitter accounts everyone knew I was not having these freezing temperatures!  I mean snow in October is foreign to Maine, but just imagine me a southern gal in Maine during their first snow.  Okay so I got over it being cold and thought it was beautiful.  Campus looked so cool.  When Northwestern closed school for a "snow day" my junior year...the folks in Maine would have laughed at us.  No doubt.

football field...white as snow!

chapter at the Ritual Chapter Development
eat at Governor's

delicious homemade creme puff.  Sinful. pure sinful.

Me and the Gov'ner...imagine me saying it in a British dialect! ha
Maine was fun! For sure...nice place to visit, but like my Daddy says, "I wouldn't want to live there".  I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet the chapter.  We worked through a lot and am rooting for them! It was nice to see that spark in some of the members during our meetings.  AH finally...THIS IS WHY I DO THIS! 

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