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Monday, October 31, 2011

yes i've been in MAINE

The past 5 days I have been in Orono, Maine.  This quaint little town is home of the Black Bears! The University of Maine has about 10,000 students and is the main campus in the state.  Maine is famous for Lobster, blueberries, whoopie pies, moose, and football HOCKEY!

While visiting I got to do lots of fun things...

eat lobster for the first time!  I have never had it before so the chapter was sweet enough to cook it for me!  The prez herself did a great job!  It was honestly just like a big crawfish.  She pronounced it 'crayfish' I quickly set her straight. :)  My actual lobster was pregnant....you could see the little orange eggs. Gross I know but this did not effect the deliciousness.

like taste a whoopie pie! A whoopie pie? What is that? Basically a whoopie pie is two brownies shaped in a circle with creme in the middle.  Not quite brownie not quite cake.  It was certainly tasty!  They sell them at the student union.  This is where I got to people watch during the day.
Cute boys and cute winter outfits.  Great combo.  Thanks UMaine!

 sight see and shop!

The Paul Bunyan statue is the largest PB statue in the world...cool!
The other pictures are of the local scenery...

Downtown square in Orono

local pizza place that has turned into a Maine chain

see SNOW!

posing in front of the Black Bear statue on campus
Let me just be honest.  I.DID.NOT.LIKE.THE COLD. WEATHER.
If you saw my facebook or twitter accounts everyone knew I was not having these freezing temperatures!  I mean snow in October is foreign to Maine, but just imagine me a southern gal in Maine during their first snow.  Okay so I got over it being cold and thought it was beautiful.  Campus looked so cool.  When Northwestern closed school for a "snow day" my junior year...the folks in Maine would have laughed at us.  No doubt.

football field...white as snow!

chapter at the Ritual Chapter Development
eat at Governor's

delicious homemade creme puff.  Sinful. pure sinful.

Me and the Gov'ner...imagine me saying it in a British dialect! ha
Maine was fun! For sure...nice place to visit, but like my Daddy says, "I wouldn't want to live there".  I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet the chapter.  We worked through a lot and am rooting for them! It was nice to see that spark in some of the members during our meetings.  AH finally...THIS IS WHY I DO THIS! 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

M^3 taught us right!

While at training we had the opportunity to visit Macon, GA.  Where the Alpha chapter originated.  First we started out by playing an amazing mix of consultant songs in the Phi Mu van.  Here's a list...I know you all want it :)

Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen
Hell On Heels by Pistol Annies
Settlin' by Sugarland
King of Anything by Sara Bareilles
Sorority Girl by Luke Bryan
Never Alone  by Lady Antebellum 
Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice
Who Says You Cant Go Home by Sugarland
Mean by Taylor Swift
Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes
Yeah by Usher
Baby Girl by Sugarland
Little Miss by Sugarland
Boys From The South by Pistol Annies
Cheers by Rihanna
Wobble by V.I.C.

Let's just say the 2 hours drive passed by extremely fast with us jammin' out to these tunes!

We arrive in Macon and meet the Mercer University Phi Mu chapter!  They were super sweet and I just loved their Greek Village on campus.
Phi Mu Consultants outside the Mercer Phi Mu house
First stop...Wesleyan library.  We were able to look at archives from the Alpha chapter.  It was awesome to see old yearbooks, magazines, photos, even fans our sisters used back in the day!

Photo in the yearbook acknowledging the death of the sororities at Wesleyan College
It says, "Gone but not forgotten.  1851-1914"

Phi Mu Two step! I love this.
I wish I could play it.

Fans from members of the Alpha Chapter

This is dedicated to Phi Mu in honor and memory of the Alpha Chapter.

Next stop...Cannonball House.  Where the Philomathean Room is set up which is just like the original chapter room for the Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu at Wesleyan.  Old Wesleyan burned down but they wanted to preserve the history of the two founding women organizations on campus.

Boots pic!

Chapter Consultants
Love this picture of us.
Wish everyone could have been in this picture.

Cannonball House
Last stop...Martha Bibb Hardaway Reddings's grave.  She was one of our three founders.  Her grave is located in Macon and is acknowledged with a quatrefoil tombstone.  

We brought carnations in memory of our founding mother.

Phi Mu Consultants at MHR's grave

It was a little bizarre to actually visit one of Phi Mu's founder's grave!  Someone said when we got in the car..."Wow because of that woman right there we have a job right now!" It is completely true.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel across America.  This experience has been absolutely amazing and I could not have asked for a better organization to represent.  Mary Mary and Martha might have been young collegiate women back in 1852, but they had big dreams! They are looking down on us and smiling because they are so proud.  I just know it.  Honored, blessed, and proud to be a Phi Mu!

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to where it all began...PTC!

Arrival to ATL was a success!  I cannot believe I was finally reunited with my consultant sisters for Mid Semester Training.  Life was good and I had only been on the ground for about 20 minutes.  I think I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time.  All of us where like little kids going to Disney world!

That night we went to our favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Tin Lizzys!  Gosh I love that place.  Great little mexican restaurant that has live music.  Of course I love it!

The next day we get all dressed up and head to HQ...well first we had to have breakfast at the Dolce! They seriously have the BEST grits you will ever eat in your entire life.  Soooo good.  Okay now on to HQ.  The National Council and the board of Trustees just happened to be in town over the weekend as well.  This means that we were on our best behavior!

Later that day our boss Hara comes into the kitchen where we had been all day and says, "hurry up let's go! The concert starts at 7:30!"....we all start freaking out! She surprised us with Sugarland tickets!  So a little recap: Hanna posted in our secret phimucc group on facebook about the concert a while back and we all decided that we needed some fun in our lives so we talked to Hara to see if we could go.  Well since the NEC and Board of Trustees were in town it was decided that we shouldn't go...well that was just a cover! We arrive at Phillips arena VIP style!

On the way to the concert I googled who was opening for Sugarland and I think I about lost my mind! None other than Sara Bareilles! I was so excited.  I love Sara.  She is amazing.  Talent.  Beautiful.  I could go on for days!  Sara and Sugarland were amazing of course.  I think we decided that every Sugarland song could be interpreted as a phimucc song! We even changed up a few lyrics!

We were so excited!

They passed out these posters to hold up during "Little miss".
 It was the last show of the tour so pranks are always a given!

Kristian the second half of Sugarland had a surprise for the audience.
He gave this guitar away.
Lucky young winner!!!

That surprise was the best!  So thankful of working for such a giving organization.  They care about us so much.  The next morning at breakfast I think the National Executive Council was a little jealous! :)

So it's back to work for us.  On Sunday we were back in the HQ working.  Yes consultants work on Sundays...more like 24/7 sometimes.  We actually presented on different topics to each other.  Ranging from Committees to Chapter Developments and Philanthropy to the role of the Secretary.  This was a great learning tool for us.  We got a little taste of how many different chapters function in a variety of areas.  

Well after a long day's work the consultants decided to go to our favorite place in PTC...Taco Mac.
We decided that it was a good idea to buy shirts and wear them to work!

I don't know what I'd do without these girls!
The Executive Director is from Louisiana! She is a huge Saints fan...so when the Saints win the office gets to have dress down days!  Well the Saints beat the Colts that night and we got to wear jeans and our t-shirts to work!  WHO DAT!

Phi Mu CC Megan is a Colts fan...she wasn't very happy about the loss :( only about the attire for the next day :)

Gotta leave you hanging... more to come!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Airport adventures-Montgomery

I'm all ready to go through security.  Computer in it's own bin.  Shoes/bag/belt in another...pink carryon behind it.  Well now I have to take my watch off and as it is rolling through the x-ray machine this is how the conversation went:

TSA guy: Is that your Michael Kors watch?
Me: haha no, but look at you keeping up with the trends!
TSA guy: Well what is it then?
Me: Betsey Johnson
TSA guy: nice! I like the stones around it and the rose gold.
Me: Rose gold! yes!  I love it.  It's new.  It's funny you know about this.
TSA guy: What? Are we not suppose to be humans and know this kind of stuff as TSA guys?
Me: Well funny thing is another TSA officer asked me about my flesh toned toe nails one time.  I guess ya'll are always up on the trends.

I walk through the medal detector; slip on my heels and smile!  Gotta love airports and TSA!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Something always brings me back to you"-Sara Bareilles

This morning has consisted of emails bunkiemonkie and jfletcher@phimu.org :), a little facebook, pandora, pinterest and studying for the GRE. ugh! Let's just say that studying for the GRE is not a fun task...but something I have to do!

yep I'm a total DUMMIE when it comes to this test!

While I was doing some pinning I found this super cool blog about sorority badges.  check it out.

They had this...
gorgeous right?

Happy Thursday!
Listening to Colbie/Bethany/Sara pandora stations.
I get to see my sister consultants tomorrow.  10/21/11 The day we have been waiting for since 8/4/11 :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Slow down sister-Lady A

As I sit at the Chapter Adviser's house this morning for breakfast I start to think about all of the things that I have experienced while being on the road this year.  So much has happened since July 24th! I can't believe I'm on my twentieth visit! Crazy right!?

breakfast :)

When I was back home in Louisiana I never went home to Bunkie.  I stayed at sisters' houses and once again lived out of my suitcase.  Everyone kept asking, "So you just live out of your suitcase and that's it?"...why yes it is.  I actually like living out of my suitcase.

When I was younger I talked about going to California for the Young Americans.  Well the YAs tour just as much as I travel for Phi Mu.  I would have had to live out of a suitcase then too!  I always like traveling, but this time there is more strategic packing. :)

So  I purchased Dad purchased luggage this summer for my birthday! I was so excited.  Pink luggage with four wheels! The best I could get right? WRONG!

My large suitcase is now under the ownership of Delta Airlines.  It cracked while traveling...and looked like this...

Terrible! Stupid luggage.  Well I guess this is what traveling on multiple airplanes multiple times a week gets me.  I did get $100 back so that is a perk. Now I am kicking it with the medium size bag.  YES if you are wondering if it cuts down on the amount of clothes I can bring...you guessed correctly.  I like it though.  Less weight.  Always under 50lbs and I have less options which means less to fold every time I have to repack which is often.

One packing adventure I am ready for is to see my #phimuccs on Friday! We have Mid Semester Training in Peachtree City.  We finally get to see each other again since August and will be back in the dungeon aka the bottom floor of HQ. It has an official title, but I can't remember it.   

I am so excited for inside jokes, stories of all the visits we have been on, me singing and blaring music but not realizing everyone is yelling my name...oops! While the consultants will be in PTC so will the National Executive Council and the Board of Trustees.  Which means we must be on our BEST behavior.  I mean don't we always act our best?! Of course we do :) silly girls.  Can't wait....hurry up Friday let's get here. I. AM. READY.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missing NSU already

Finally the day arrived for me to be back in Louisiana! Oh my goodness it felt so good to be back.
While in Natchitoches I think I hit up my favorite food venues:
Meatpies from Lasyones
Gumbo and Bread Pudding from Merci Beaucoup
Chicken tenders from Canes (finally the good stuff not Zaxbys!)
BBQ from Graysons

The only thing missing was El Nopal and rice and gravy...but that is okay Sara Moreau is going to cook me some in December!...sounds like a plan?

First on the agenda: NSU Lipsync!
I am so proud of my sisters.  They did such a great job.  Lipsync was awesome.  Everyone was committed and sold it!  I could not be happier.

So now brother is left at NSU all by his lonesome...well I'm sure he is happy I'm not there.
It was nice to catch up and just hang out.
He was being such a dedicated Kappa Sigma during Homecoming week.
Shout out to them for such a great lipsync and float this year!

AHHHH my girls...well not all of them made this pic...
I will never take friends for granted.
Being away and traveling so much definitely gives me an appreciation for all the blessings in life!

Fall 2007 Pledge Class
Best Pledge class that ever walked through the doors of Kappa Iota :)
Seeing these girls brought back so many memories.
All four composites hanging in the chapter room right now are of us.

Oh Jackson...shout out to you man.
We walked on Homecoming Court last year...see picture below :)

Wow have things changed. Good times!

Speaking of change...The three of us...myself, Reagan, and Andrea would always sit by each other last football season to cheer on the Demons!  We would yell and shake our homemade shakers from the Fanta and coke bottles we had that were filled with Mardi Gras beads! The best part was cheering on "Wayne"...Wayne decided to transfer to ULL:(
It was great to be back together again, but definitely NOT the same.

The one the only little sister 

So proud of these two for winning Homecoming Hunnies!
STO (Student Theatre Organization)...which I once was President of kicked some butt at Lipsync!
So proud to be an NSU Theatre Alumni

Well it is back to work for me.  I'm currently in Montgomery, AL with the Theta Kappa chapter.  Speaking of Homecoming, Theta Kappa won the spirit stick for Huntingdon College last week!  Congrats girls!  

It was extremely difficult for me to leave my girls.  After our fantastic Grayson's BBQ lunch I started giving out hugs to everyone and said goodbye.  Of course my ex roomie Erin makes fun of me because I was laughing and crying at the same time.  A talent we discovered in 2010 when I was president/she was secretary and we lived together at 439.  Oh I miss those days.  Riding around in the civ, ordering 2 large cokes from McDonalds and paying $2.18 in change, quotes on the mirror, new luffa's each month, bone thugs, nelly, broadway, some rock crap stuff she listened too.....ahhh the memories!  NSU was good to us.  I think all the Omega girls would agree! Gosh I miss it.

On the bright side I get to see my #phimuccs on Friday in the big PTC!

Monday, October 17, 2011

America's Dairyland

Well folks...I now present America's Dairyland! Wisconsin.  

They had a $3 movie theatre in River Falls.  I would live there if i was a UWRF student:)

Phi Mu Chapter Development: Health and Fitness
Each group created a workout video and presented it to the chapter!
Super fun!

Pretty campus.
Loved the University Center.
They make cheese and ice cream on campus!
The peppermint was the best.

At the swing bridge walking to see the falls for River Falls, Wisconsin.

UWRF has open skate on Tuesday nights!
The Phi Mu ladies tore up the skating rink...I only fell once.
Not bad right!?

It was a great to visit the Mid-West.  Visiting Wisconsin was definitely a first for me.  I had a blast meeting the chapter members and learning fun facts about campus and dairy products while there.  Man was the ice cream delicious!!! Too bad I cannot bring it on the airplane!

next stop...LA and oh was it grand!