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Monday, October 17, 2011

America's Dairyland

Well folks...I now present America's Dairyland! Wisconsin.  

They had a $3 movie theatre in River Falls.  I would live there if i was a UWRF student:)

Phi Mu Chapter Development: Health and Fitness
Each group created a workout video and presented it to the chapter!
Super fun!

Pretty campus.
Loved the University Center.
They make cheese and ice cream on campus!
The peppermint was the best.

At the swing bridge walking to see the falls for River Falls, Wisconsin.

UWRF has open skate on Tuesday nights!
The Phi Mu ladies tore up the skating rink...I only fell once.
Not bad right!?

It was a great to visit the Mid-West.  Visiting Wisconsin was definitely a first for me.  I had a blast meeting the chapter members and learning fun facts about campus and dairy products while there.  Man was the ice cream delicious!!! Too bad I cannot bring it on the airplane!

next stop...LA and oh was it grand!

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