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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am limited...but He's not.

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I got off of the airplane in Houston and sighed, "Ahh it's good to be back".  
First stop Houston Baptist University.

I had the opportunity to be a fellow Louisiana native here.  The HBU Greek Adviser is from West Monroe and guess what!? She said she could not tell I was from Louisiana by the fact that my accent wasn't strong! Thank you Scott Burrell for all of the voice work from the Theatre! Although the folks in Ohio said "Aw you're so cute with your southern accent"....ha! Oh well I'm proud to be from Louisiana. Did I really just say that? 

I had a great meeting today.  The Greek Adviser is ironically not Greek.  Can that happen? Yep! It does here and you know what?  She actually gets it! I was fascinated.  She said her best friend is the Green Book for all of those out there that knows what the Green Book is. :)
She had some interesting things to say...most I agreed with.
We were on the subject of recruiting new members and she said something that really clicked.  
It's about cultivating relationships...
Why yes she is right! 
People join people not programs...
Why yes she is right again!

It made so much sense because of course who doesn't love to have new friends!? I love meeting new people.  That is one of the most exciting things about a new school year...new people!  I have met so many new people along my journey as a consultant.  Some have been very interesting I might say, but for the majority I have met and learned a lot from a variety of peeps. This job is awesome!

I know you are wondering..."How does a non Greek become a Greek Adviser", well it was the path that God set out for her.  I think this is path he set out for me.  Who knows? He does. We shall see once I take the GRE in November. ha.  But seriously when I was younger I did not ever picture myself here.  I did not know that "Greek Advisers" existed.  I always think to myself is this where I am suppose to be? Is this what I am suppose to do?  But how do I really know? 

A good friend told me at camp this past summer that we always ask God for answers and expect him to give them to us.  IMMEDIATELY.  Well that does not happen.  Answers don't just fall out of the sky.
Wouldn't that be nice!?
He told me that after prayer we need to sit and be still.  We get so caught up into the hustle and bustle of our lives that at times we don't even know God is giving us answers because we aren't listening.

Then I found this...
Easier said than done

God is limitless! We just forget sometimes.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

a few firsts

This week has had a few firsts for me...
fitting since it is now fall!

I must say thank you to Northwestern State University for not having as crappy living facilities as I thought.  My freshman year I had my own bedroom and bathroom, actually that was a first since I shared with ole j-fletch my entire life.  I lived with a Phi Mu roomie and of course had the best time in UP (University Place) aka the freshmen dwelling.  This past week I have gotten the true dormitory experience. The two Phi Mu chapters I am visiting in Ohio have sorority suites.  cool right?  I do wish NSU would have had that.  I have had to learn a few things!

  1. How to NOT slam the door.  The doors in the dorm are so heavy and loud, I think the entire campus can probably hear it shuts slams.  
  2. Proper etiquette for community showers.  Yes this is a FIRST for me.  Well except when I stayed at church camp in the 6th grade at LA Tech, but that doesn't count.
  3. There is a gas station called Sheetz (love things that end on a Z...remember Bubblez?) that is open 24/7 and it is better than McDonalds and Taco Bell combined! A college student's dream at 3am :)
  4. How much I miss my own bed.  These dorm room beds are just not cutting it.   
Learning how to live in the dorm has been fun and interesting!

I felt like a lost freshman the other day when it was pouring down raining, my phi mu raincoat on and Vera Bradley umbrella in hand; I asked some random student, "Could you tell me where the union is?"....it has been 4 weeks of school here.  He probably thought I was definitely a lost freshman!

No worries I found the right place :)

Ohio has been cold since I have been here.  First day of fall and it is in the 60s! What? This is not Louisiana weather! Can't wait to be home on Sunday!

I get to see MOM, DAD, ROSEBELL (of course the most important), LILLI, IZZY, AND BUNNY! Oh and the bff RARA!

Me and Rara- BHS Homecoming 2006
Mawmaw and pawpaw day!
I'm pretty sure there will be a John Fletcher Ribeye on the table when I get home...ahh the good life!
If we all could be this cute :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

exactly where God wants me to be

sums it all up

As I sit here and reflect on yesterday and think about all of the craziness the day brought, I open an email from a dear friend.

The email was one of those forward chain types.  It has lots of pictures.  Each sentence is a different color.  Eye catching and attention grabbing.  As I read it, I kept thinking to myself...does she know about my crazy day? Is this why she is sending it to me?

So I text her....the reply was nope just sent it because I know you like those sweet sentimental emails sometimes.

Wow!  Does God have perfecting timing or what?

My friend Erin sent me an email at the perfect time about God's timing.

Great song...that fits perfectly

To sum up the email:

When you are having a rough day because the little things in life are annoying you, know that it is God's plan to happen that way.  Each day we live out life they way he has it all mapped out and planned for us.  

So when I almost missed my flight to Cleveland, then sat on the plane for 30 minutes before it took off because the break pad on a wheel was getting changed, my luggage didn't make the correct plane so had to be delivered to the University, my driver got lost in downtown Cleveland, we took the wrong exit and had to turn around...it was all God's timing. 

Of course I got frustrated.  What human wouldn't? But now I realize that God is at work watching over me.  His angels surround me 24/7.  He knows my thoughts and prayers and would never let anything harm me.  

It is the little things in life that he uses as signals to get life back in focus...although at times I am so distracted.  I now realize, especially with this job because I have seen it too many times just in these last few months, I am exactly where God wants me to be.  

Video is from Country Strong
First blog title: Timing is everything

Sunday, September 18, 2011

phis OH my!

courtesy of pinterest
definitely true
It is the small victories that matter to a consultant.  We were told at training that we are not meant to be miracle workers...but sometimes I think we are! ha :)

This past week visiting the Epsilon Lambda chapter of Phi Mu has been extremely rewarding. Not only have I had the opportunity to get to know the chapter, but I had the honor of watching them succeed!  Most of my travels have not been longer than 3 or 4 days so it has been so nice to have some consistency in my life lately.

Bid Day was awesome as the chapter welcomed 29 beautiful women into our sisterhood.

I was like a proud momma.  I could not help but smile.

This past week has been filled with Lil Wayne songs, La Huerta (Tech's mexican fav), phi mu chants, late nights, and of course great sisters!

Sad to leave this place, but hey I get to come back later in the semester.

Epsilon Lambda chapter

Today has been one of the most bittersweet days during my travels.  It was Bid Day at Kappa Iota.  Gosh I wish I could teleport...someone needs to invent it! 

no seriously.

I miss my KI girls.  I am so thankful for Erin Shocklee and Reagan Burke.  We had the best group chat I could have ever asked for today.  Our bond is true we love Phi Mu.  I cannot wait to be reunited with them at Homecoming.  It will be EPIC!  Maybe even more than Halloween 2009!

Words cannot express enough how proud I am of my little sister Meredith and Brooke for their hard work during Recruitment.  

Gosh I just love recruitment...

Well I am off for now.  Flying to Cleveland tomorrow! First time to be in Ohio!  Ready to spend some time in the mid west and experience some more victories!

courtesy of pinterest
ps. Congrats to the phis of Kappa Iota
Jamming out to pandora :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yep that just happened!

I must must MUST share this story...

Saw this...couldn't resist!

Where to begin? Well...the chapter finished preference round, cleaned up, and set up for bid.  It is now about midnight and we are hungry.  Where do we go in Russellville that is still open? Waffle House.

4 sweet little Phi Mu ladies and myself head out for some delicious food at awful waffle (nickname they gave it)...Kirsten, Sarah Jo, Ashleigh, Clair, and myself are glad to celebrate a fantastic week of recruitment....

You know I'm not knockin' sketchy truck stop places (Love me some Sammy's truck stop in Bunkie) by any means, but that is exactly what this place turned out to be.

We sat down at the "counter" as if it was an old fashion soda shop.  Our feet could not reach the floor.  It's like we were kids again.  I ordered the All Start special :) I was hungry!!!!

Since we were so close to the kitchen we basically were sitting on top of the dirty dishes.  I looked up to see one of the wait staff standing there.  Her name tag reads "Bubblez"...no joke!  Then bubblez decides to squirt us with the dirty dish water and it covers the table.

Now I have to ask for an new orange juice.

While we are waiting on our food the wait staff decides to have some fun.  Meaning squirt whipped creme on each other and run around the restaurant. Oh and let me not forget that Bubblez cracked an egg on Tara's leg (our waitress) and shove some butter in the cook's ear.

WHAT WERE WE STILL DOING THERE?...eating I guess. The grits were good.

They ask for our Tech id's well I don't have one...so I made one up. T01001219 (the T part is the normal Tech info, but the 1219 would be Jack Shelby's birthday combined with mine)

OH yes...this is all still true.

By this time Clari has told me that it was my fault for choosing Waffle house...oh about 10 times!

It takes forever to check out....and poor Kristi the only normal waitress is completely miserable.  We all feel so bad for her that she had to stay there and we didn't.

We are about to leave and what happens?  A FIGHT! well almost.  Yes a true fist throwing fight almost breaks out at the Russellville Waffle House.

Why does this happen? Who knows!!!! So the waitresses turn into bouncers and try to stop this.  The cops are called and we are literally sitting in the middle of this craziness.

Clair pulls out her taser.  I didn't realize that girls really carried those these days.

The guys outside are tapping on the glass windows saying, "come out side bleep bleep bleep" ahhhh at this point I was just trying to get these girls out of here.

So of course I had to say something, "Please don't let them come in here.  There are ladies in here"...

A few minutes later we paid and got out the heck out of dodge! Then as we are leaving the Russellville cops show up.

Cop: Rolls down the window "Excuse me did you ladies have anything to do with this civil dispute?"
Cop: "Have a nice night"

Whew!!! We were outta there and on our way back to safe zone.  The Phi Mu house! :)

worst of all...I never got my waffle :(

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lots to say

Well I feel as if I have not posted anything in a while.  So I have lots to say...

First of all I got my schedule for the rest of the semester and i.am.so.pumped!
If I am...I know my momma is because she gets to see me:) yay

I spent almost the entire day on the phone with Ricki my travel agent (yes I have one of those ) and she was trying to find the best flights available.

During Recruitment season the phimuccs (Chapter Consultants) are given a traveling schedule, but now that most recruitments are finished and the normal semester is beginning we have a different system.  We are given what is called a "set"...such as the "Zeta set" and days blocked off for that set.  (Zeta Gamma, Zeta Lambda, Zeta Sigma) get the picture?

I then go to google maps and put a balloon at each place in the set to figure out where I should go in what particular order. Then call RICKI.

I only have one set left to finish but it is for after Thanksgiving...I am going to give it a few weeks just incase our schedules change again.  I had Northern Louisiana (which I was pretty pumped about ULM | Tech | LSUS | Southern Arkansas) but now I have Northern Carolina.  And oh do I love the Carolinas!!! I do get to visit phimucc Jillian's chapter in Roanoke, VA!

Detail scheduled to come later...

Finished Got most of my "to do" list done...
  • Book flights (check)
  • Register for the GRE (check)....hope you are happy dad :)
  • and mailed in Phi Mu receipts to good ole Nancy at HQ (check)
  • Report emailed to HQ

I just need to sign up for American Airlines frequent flyers....isn't that the airlines that Ellen likes? I think so!

I am currently in Arkansas with the Epsilon Lambda chapter.  Tomorrow is preference and then Saturday is Bid Day!  I cannot wait to see all of the fabulous new phis! It will be phi-tastic!

Epsilon Lambda chapter before Philanthropy Day
oh and there's me

Crazy thing is...no matter where you go there will always be someone from Bunkie, someone who has family from Bunkie, someone who's been to Bunkie, or someone who at least knows where Bunkie is located on the map. ALWAYS

Tomorrow I get to have lunch with one of the BINGO Sistas...Mrs. Diane Goodlow...she once was in the Bingo group my mom played partied ate laughed cried with...heck all of the above!

I am certainly excited to see a familiar face.

Also the Arkansas Tech IFC President was the Arkansas State Beta Club President in 2007-2008...we know each other from long ago in our beta days.  Oh beta club...how I miss thee!

Plus today is his Birthday...so Happy Birthday Elliot.

More to come soon...love to all. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Generation X:positive vs negative

I heard a story recently from a adviser during my last chapter visit.  She works for a non profit company and told me about her experience at a Generation X conference.  The conference was to help leaders of corporations and businesses to have successful relationships with Generation X co workers.  An interesting bit of information she learned while at the conference she shared with me...and I think it makes a lot of sense.

So if you are meeting with someone to give a "progress report" on their work performance the person views the conversation like this:

1 corrective critique:1 positive comment= negative report
1 corrective critique: 2 positive comments= negative report
1 corrective critique : 3 positive comments= positive report

Now I have absolutely NO clue if this really is correct or not, but I think it makes an interesting point.  It takes 3 positive comments to triumph over 1 negative.  This is CRAZY to me! Although on the other I completely understand it and I am definitely experiencing it during my travels.

I am learning that chapters/young women (because that is my targeted audience) need more positive encouragement than negative to realize, comprehend, and take action with a corrective critique.

"It is one thing to be heard, but another to be heard effectively"

I am so use to the Theatre world where you LOVE corrective critiques.  Heck you live for it!  The more the merrier.  Theatre folks are always searching for something to push them in a more successful path with their craft.

Throughout working with a variety of women thus far on my consultant journey I have learned something new and that is the power of being positive.

As Beth Denney Ward would say,"Plow through positively!"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Airport Adventures

Arrive at the San Antonio airport.  Goodbye UTSA. Use the Delta Kiosk to sign in...got my Delta frequent flyer miles number memorized.  GO ME!  Print boarding passes.  Weigh suitcase....(fingers crossed)....46lbs! Yay:)

Get to the security line and the guy at the TSA check in table says, "Hey there little lady.  Well don't you look nice with your flesh toned toe nails" (Me thinking in my head: uh uh I don't know what to say back to that awkward comment) so I reply, "Well thank you.  Look at you keeping up with your fashion trends"... oh how airports are interesting!

Go through security.  Pull two bins.  One is just for the mac.  Other sandals, clear ziploc, and my pink tote bag.  Put the massively heavy carryon suitcase on the conveyer belt.  Ready to be x-rayed/scanned/some new freaky blue thing where you have to stand with your head above your arms.  AND good to go....

Repack everything.  Shoes back on and rolling down to the terminal...STOP! McDonalds...yes I can get a large coke! ahhhh Heaven in a glass! Swipe that Phi Mu credit card :) and moving along to my gate...

Well I'm looking for Gate 13...there's 8 and 9...where is 10, 11, 12, and 13? No where to be found! 

I walked to the end of the completely wrong terminal.  Oh yes! Start walking in the opposite direction.  Now at a brisk pace! Finally...Gate 13.  Ready to board.

Hour and forty minute flight to ATL.  Oh hey Atlanta...thanks again for not having wifi.  You're the best!

Flight delayed.  
Flight delayed again. 

Talked on the phone to Megan Oilar (#phimucc having a blast at Tulane) while I tried to find candy.  
Found it and with a fantastic price of $2.25 for a bag of skittles.  Gotta love airport prices $$$$

Board flight to Bama! Sat next to a Master Sgt in the Air Force.  He was a cool cat.  From Cali...3 month old baby...Ashley Nicole.  Presh!

Landed in Montgomery and hitting the ground running.  Open House starts at 7!

Had to share my airport adventures.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

History in the making...

Wow!  I can't believe I was apart of history while visiting University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  On Saturday they played their first ever football game!  I was a little over whelmed.  The game was at the Alamo Dome! (It had AC woohoo!)  This Texas heat is NOT like back home in Louisiana.  It is so dry here and very brown...but that is okay because my visit has been awesome!

The Alamo Dome is not on campus or even near it!  It is downtown San Antonio!  We arrive at campus to purchase our golden coins that allows us to get on the shuttle.  Well the shuttle was a nice long ride to the dome.  I actually got to catch up with my consultant roomie Cindy Maupin.  She was sitting in the airport and I was on a bus...consultants are always traveling! ALWAYS!

We arrive at the Dome which is already filled btw...stand in the long line to get in.  I was a "student" that day (wink) in my Panhellenic shirt.  Six teams.  One Dream.  Go Greek!

It was a mad house.  I heard that 57,000 people attended the game which broke a record for the attendance at an augural football game!  It was awesome/crazy/nuts/loud/so much fun!!!!

and guess what The Runners Won! So I learned the chants that the band said, "Go Runners. Go Runners.  Go Runners. UTSA. Gooooo Runners!"  I love sitting next to the band.  
They always have the best time.  

Oh I was ready to get ROWDY! 
Well since I am talking about the football game I must talk about the Cheerleaders because you know that is what I was watching half the time.  Just a habit...judge the cheerleaders...right Morgan Michalek?  Well UTSA has 2 squads.  Co-ed and then an all girls squad.  Man were they good.  I could have watched them stunt all day long.  They were doing some crazy stuff, but they looked great!  

I am glad I got to be at the game.  Since it was the first one!  Now it is time to get back to Recruitment...oh yeah that is still going on! ha :)

Found this while pinning...just wanted to share...love love love!

Random I know...

5 out of the 6 chapters at UTSA have consultants here...pretty cool.  We have visited each room like a mass herd of cattle.  The one chapter that doesn't have a consultant seems frustrated with us...but we can't help it!  ha. It has been so nice to hang out with them while here.  Only consultants know each other's struggles.  Got to love consultant life!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bama baby:)

So after an extremely rough visit back home, I hit the road again.  Well hit the sky/air/plane/beautiful space way up high that God created.  Before the visit home I flew every three days.  Which means I have slept in a different bed every three days.  Yes that is right!  I've slept in the sorority house, hotels, chapter member's houses, adviser's houses, air mattresses, 4H camp sites, couches...

The two nights that I had my own bed, pillows, and Rosebell to myself were absolutely glorious! Although, I was ready to start work again.  I flew to Mobile...crazy I know...everyone said I should have just rented a car and driven.  That is not how Phi Mu rolls so I hopped a plane to ATL (my home away from home airport) then to Mobile.  Ahhh the great state of Alabama! Where football is a passion, the tea is sweet, and all the boys are fratty.  Gosh I love it in Bama. 

Agenda for the first night: Pledging...How exciting!  I met the Phi Adviser Race.  Oh what a dedicated Phi Mu she is.  Race was among the Milsapp College chapter and initiated in 1948! Oh how cool is that!?  She was so inspiring.  I loved listening to her stories of when she was in the chapter and how much she wants to preserve Phi Mu Ritual.  She has received her 50th year alumnae pin and is working on her 75th.  It is her goal and I certainly hope she accomplishes it. I sure hope Erin Shocklee, Madison Wakefield, Megan Berthelot, Megan Cullen, and Jessi Nuss along with all of the other Omega sisters and I get to celebrate our 50th alumnae year and then go out to BINGO! I love that Phi Mu is forever.  

This is Race dressed up in her white for pledging.
The girls at Kappa Omega-University of South Alabama have been awesome.  They definitely showed me the town!  And might I add that I love Mobile...just love it!

Me and Bienville Square.  Downtown Mobile was  absolutely beautiful!  

We played with the squirrels in Bienville Square.  They were so cute and fun!  I can't believe they ate right out of our hands.  I could have fed them all day long!

One of the sister's family had a tailgating area for the first game of the season.  His wife happened to be from Patterson, LA and she had made Jambalaya! It was so good.  I love cajun food so much.

This is South Paw the Jaguar...aka Zach (Gabby's friend)

The first visit back on the job was terrific!  God blessed me.