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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Airport adventures-Bangor!

Can you believe that I traveled from Bangor, Maine to Stephenville, TX on Halloween!? Well I did.  I spent most of the day in the air.  CRAZY! 

So the airport in Bangor is not my favorite.  Their x-ray machines must not be up to date as other airports because the TSA lady (who was not nice) took everything out of my carryon! I kept my composure because I did not want to be rude or sassy.  That would not have helped my case at all.  So she finally says that my bag is okay...I mean geez I've had the same stuff in it since August.  So I stare at my carryon literally.  Putting all of my things in is like a puzzle.  I almost wanted to cry but didn't.  Shoved everything in and got breakfast :)

I was kind of hoping the flight attendants would be dressed in costume...but they weren't! So being person that I am and LOVING to play dress up I did not get to this year.  People probably would  thought I was a freak in the airport if I would have dressed up.  I really thought I would have seen more costumes than I did.  There was a lady dressed in a batman costume.  Cape and all! A lady that had an orange t-shirt with a pumpkin face on it.  And the lady who had leopard pants with the leopards face on them...that was pretty interesting.  I don't think that was her costume, but some might argue! haha

Pictures from Stephenville, TX.  Tarleton State University.

left: Social Adviser.  She was pumped about Halloween
center: candy bag for the chapter!! yummy!
right: Panhellenic President-Erin...loved her coat!

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