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Monday, January 16, 2012

Making it to the RITZ!

Traveling has allowed me to see some familiar faces along the way.  My cousin Martha Madden (she and my pawpaw are first cousins so you figure out the true relation) lives in Washington, DC.  If she is not in DC she spends her time in New Orleans where she has a home and office for mMaddenAssociates.  Martha is without a doubt a jack of all trades!  She has so many credentials to her name and she just keeps going!  She is starting a production company!  Madden productions...pretty cool stuff!  I had the pleasure of getting to have dinner with her while I was in DC.  We talked about our family and she filled me in on LOTS of Fletcher history which was so fascinating!  We also discussed our futures and what we had ahead of us.  The food and company that night was absolutely divine!

....the story of getting there is one worth sharing!

After a long day of workshops with the Gamma Delta Chapter at American University.  I called a cab company to pick me up and take me to the Ritz Carlton downtown DC.   Did I just say the Ritz? Why yes I did! Called the cab company and went outside (in the freezing cold weather...well freezing to me!) to wait for its arrival.  Waited for 30 minutes...called the company BACK and the receptionist's reply was, "well we have a lot of other people we are trying to get cabs for"....hmmm okay! So after 45 minutes of waiting I asked these people waiting for the shuttle how long a cab should take.  

Well thank goodness I asked the right person!  The stranger that I met (Laura) became a life saver that night.  She helped get take the campus shuttle to a stop and then find a cab from that destination.  She even offered to ride the metro with me so I could get to my dinner date!

Before I met Laura I was frustrated and irritated...soaking wet from the rain and freezing, but after her help I was so thankful and dinner turned out to be fantastic!

So lesson of the day is that you can offer your help to people in need in many different situations.  Without Laura's help I could still be out there waiting for the cab...okay well maybe not but you get the point.

Be brave help someone out that might need it.  You will be blessed in return.

"Let us lead by serving others"- who knows where that is from?

until next time...

picture quality is not the best...
thanks iPhone 4, but it works :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trip to the Nation's capital!

Washington DC was fabulous!...well except for the weather.  This southern gal was freezing! We toured the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum.  I was blown away by the Star Spangled Banner exhibit, maybe because I have sung our national anthem many times for festivals, pageants, ball games.  My breath was literally taken away when I saw the original (star spangled banner) flag.  It was gorgeous.  Unfortunately photos were not allowed.  Enjoy the pictures from the tour.  It was like I revisited an 8th grade field trip...although Bunkie Middle never took us to DC!  

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Thank you Ralph Lauren
such an American icon!

Dumbo ride from Disneyland

original ruby slippers

original muppets

First Lady exhibit....AMAZING!

Michelle Obama's dress from the inaugural ball...beautiful

Michelle's jewelry.  so many carats!

Hope Diamond
Harry Winston designed three different designs
The public was able to vote on which setting they would like to see
It will be back to its normal setting soon


Washington memorial

Loved this view!

Ben's chili bowl
so many famous peeps have dined here!

Membership Director and President for Gamma Delta before the start of a long week of Recruitment workshops

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to Wonderland

The second round of recruitment at Indiana began on going on an adventure through the rabbit hole to Wonderland!  The chapter decorated the room just as if you were transformed into the storybook.  The tables had a delicious croissant and hot chocolate and the most precious tea cups! It was absolutely fabulous! Enjoy the pics...

gorgeous decorations for the day!

Anjulia-President of Delta Alpha

All of the potential new members have these crazy name tags!
Someone lost theirs...I had to take a pic!

Sara and Emily
Membership Directors!
Amazing girls

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phi World

Here in Bloomington, IN it is the first day of Sorority Recruitment!
In the Delta Alpha-Phi Mu house we took a trip across the way to LONDON!
Welcome to Phi World....precious skit by even more precious sisters!

Phi Girls before they find their newest sister

entire cast

Elllo! It's the tellie! :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


I started blogging in 2011...definitely going to keep it up.
BUT I need to start writing down my thoughts for the remainder of my consultant journey!
Can't wait for adventures of 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!