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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do I have to leave Lincoln?

Painting in the stairwell :)
Greek Life getting ready for Monday Night Live!
Oh yes I'm the Husker's #1 fan! ha
Handsome Lil Red

Yummy Red Mango
Red Mango donates 5% to CMNH

Nebraska Stadium
Go Big Red!
I'm learning how to Pomp for the float
Sister Melissa and I

I have gotten my exercise for the week.  The Phi Mu house is 4 floors! You've gotta give me props for doing that in heels all day :) I had two campus tours today.  One to the football stadium where we were able to go inside and take a little peak at the cheerleaders practicing for the BIG GAME against the Buckeyes on Saturday.  The second tour was taken to scoop out the other Homecoming floats.  The weather here is absolutely gorgeous.  The trees are beautiful.  The Greek houses are beautiful.  What more could a professional sorority girl ask for? 

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