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Thursday, March 28, 2013


This semester has honestly been a roller coaster ride. I know I say that about every semester, but it is really true. Being in a one year program (3 full semesters) our pace for class has been intense! 

This semester I have been to Vegas for a professional development conference along with interviewing for jobs! Yes, can you believe I am already job searching? I just started graduate school in August! That's the one year program for you. My dad is really excited that I will soon be employed and off the Fletcher pay roll. 

During the convention I had some great interviews and learned a lot about the professional world of student affairs. There could be something amazing that is a result of attending the conference, but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. So please say a prayer for me that I will understand God's plan about my future and professional career. Things are happening so fast it sounds kind of funny to even say that about myself, but yep I am leaving big girl purgatory (grad school) and hitting the real world soon.

Last weekend I had another opportunity to attend one of my favorite conferences. Southeastern Panhellenic Conference (SEPC)...this conference is where it all began folks! I realized I wanted to be a part of students affairs because of this conference back in 2010! 

I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by a lady named Stacy Nadeau. She has been alumni initiated to Tri Delta Sorority. She was a fabulous speaker at the conference. Such an inspiration to women!

She was one of the six women asked to participate in the Dove campaign where they posed in their underwear without photo editing applied after. This was a campaign by Dove to promote real beauty. Stacy showed us this video during her presentation and it will seriously make you sick! Just watch.

My reasoning for sharing this video and blog post is because as women we are our worst critics! Instead of embracing our own personal beauty and celebrating it we run and hide from it. Stacy presented a great message to young college women on how to love themselves for who they are. I think Stacy is making a difference in the lives of women across America. I know she did for me.

I've just been on a women's empowerment kick lately. I think it is from Facebook's COO Sheryl Sanberg's Lean in campaign and a book I recently read for class! Well enjoy the video and Happy Easter everyone!

PS-I get to see my momma today! She is headed to Hattiesburg! So excited for my family to be here and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!