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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missing NSU already

Finally the day arrived for me to be back in Louisiana! Oh my goodness it felt so good to be back.
While in Natchitoches I think I hit up my favorite food venues:
Meatpies from Lasyones
Gumbo and Bread Pudding from Merci Beaucoup
Chicken tenders from Canes (finally the good stuff not Zaxbys!)
BBQ from Graysons

The only thing missing was El Nopal and rice and gravy...but that is okay Sara Moreau is going to cook me some in December!...sounds like a plan?

First on the agenda: NSU Lipsync!
I am so proud of my sisters.  They did such a great job.  Lipsync was awesome.  Everyone was committed and sold it!  I could not be happier.

So now brother is left at NSU all by his lonesome...well I'm sure he is happy I'm not there.
It was nice to catch up and just hang out.
He was being such a dedicated Kappa Sigma during Homecoming week.
Shout out to them for such a great lipsync and float this year!

AHHHH my girls...well not all of them made this pic...
I will never take friends for granted.
Being away and traveling so much definitely gives me an appreciation for all the blessings in life!

Fall 2007 Pledge Class
Best Pledge class that ever walked through the doors of Kappa Iota :)
Seeing these girls brought back so many memories.
All four composites hanging in the chapter room right now are of us.

Oh Jackson...shout out to you man.
We walked on Homecoming Court last year...see picture below :)

Wow have things changed. Good times!

Speaking of change...The three of us...myself, Reagan, and Andrea would always sit by each other last football season to cheer on the Demons!  We would yell and shake our homemade shakers from the Fanta and coke bottles we had that were filled with Mardi Gras beads! The best part was cheering on "Wayne"...Wayne decided to transfer to ULL:(
It was great to be back together again, but definitely NOT the same.

The one the only little sister 

So proud of these two for winning Homecoming Hunnies!
STO (Student Theatre Organization)...which I once was President of kicked some butt at Lipsync!
So proud to be an NSU Theatre Alumni

Well it is back to work for me.  I'm currently in Montgomery, AL with the Theta Kappa chapter.  Speaking of Homecoming, Theta Kappa won the spirit stick for Huntingdon College last week!  Congrats girls!  

It was extremely difficult for me to leave my girls.  After our fantastic Grayson's BBQ lunch I started giving out hugs to everyone and said goodbye.  Of course my ex roomie Erin makes fun of me because I was laughing and crying at the same time.  A talent we discovered in 2010 when I was president/she was secretary and we lived together at 439.  Oh I miss those days.  Riding around in the civ, ordering 2 large cokes from McDonalds and paying $2.18 in change, quotes on the mirror, new luffa's each month, bone thugs, nelly, broadway, some rock crap stuff she listened too.....ahhh the memories!  NSU was good to us.  I think all the Omega girls would agree! Gosh I miss it.

On the bright side I get to see my #phimuccs on Friday in the big PTC!

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