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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Houston we have a problem"

Well folks I must say this has been a terrific visit to Houston.  Every time I think of Houston I think of the Carmen San Diego song about going to the Galleria in H Town! That was my jam!....in 7th grade :)

Houston skyline
Every time I am in a big city and pass the ballpark I always text Dad...it is becoming a thing.  Baseball and traveling are two topics Dad can chat away about.  No doubt.

Love me some lipstick
Saturday was the Phi retreat for the Alpha Pi chapter...so of course I went.  duh! BUT before we headed down to Galveston we stopped by the MALL! It was great!  I needed a little retail therapy.  I saw this huge glittery lipstick in Forever 21 so I had to share it with you all.

Okay on to Galveston!  Lots of people from Louisiana go for Moody Gardens and the beach...and the massive water park. <Insert that weird long name that I do not know how to spell>  I had never been to Galveston until that day and now I want to go back.  It is beautiful.  Reminded me a lot of Louisiana architecture especially down in Cajun Land.  The buildings were amazing.  The houses were tall and off of the ground because of Hurricanes.  Those just make the most beautiful homes.

Gorgeous right?
The Phi retreat was held at an Alumnae's beach house.  Note to self: Make lots of money for a beach house! Sister Judy's house so precious.  I loved it.  It survived the Hurricane of 1900 and in 2008 when Ike hit. Look at this pic...how cool?

This picture does not show exactly how high it was from the ground, but let's just say my 5'2" self would be close to swimming!

Feels like home!
Sister Judy also gave me a gift for visiting her amazing home. That is what the bag looked like.  I think the two of us could talk about Mardi Gras for hours!

This visit has flown by fast! I have had a blast in H Town. But guess what?  I will be in NEBRASKA tomorrow!  I am so exited.  Until next time!

Happy travels y'all!

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