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Sunday, December 30, 2012

cheers to a new year

A lot has happened in 2012. In fact Facebook is generous enough to share your top moments of the year. When I think back a year ago at this time I had no clue where I would be or what would be going on in my life. The future is scary. Really freaking scary. I honestly find myself back in the same spot as a year ago not knowing where I will be upon graduation in July and folks...that's okay.

Last year I had the honor and privilege to represent Phi Mu as a national chapter consultant. I'm sure everyone enjoyed reading those posts compared to the lack of posts during graduate school. I started the year out in Indiana and Washington DC. and visited many amazing places along the way. Working for Phi Mu was probably the best and sometimes toughest experience I have ever had. I learned a lot about myself and who I wanted to be in the future. I had the opportunity to eat at some of the best little hole in the wall restaurants all over the country and meet hundreds of fantastic people. 2012 had a large portion filled by a job that created memories for a lifetime.

 Summer of 2012 was filled with a world wind of experiences like helping with swimming lessons for my best friend, working at my dads office (maybe for the last official time??), counseling 3 very different but amazing weeks with my BLC family at summer camp, initiating my mom into the most amazing sisterhood, and celebrating a birthday. Then BAM...it's time to move to Hattiesburg and grow up a little more.

This fall was honestly the most nerve wracking, emotionally and intellectually challenging, amazing semester! Even when I had no clue where I would be after April 22 (that is when I flew back home from Phi Mu), God had a plan. My time in Hattiesburg in graduate school has NOT been easy. My entire research methods class has our professor to thank for that realization. What I did find easy is the ability to connect with others and gain some heart felt friends through this process.

I have had so many "ah ha" moments in Hattiesburg it is not even funny! My favorite is when I learned I wasn't just in H town to attend Southern Miss for graduate school, but to grow in my faith. I have found an awesome church to call home away from home on Sundays and also a stronger relationship with the Big Man!!

Since I haven't posted on my blog since October 9th (I know I am a terrible person for that...but school comes first...hope that is a good excuse. I did make a 4.0 hooray!) there are so many things I could write about. I probably could write a novel...heck I think I am pretty close already. Anyway...

Few things to share before 2012 ends...

I have had the craziest/vivid/real dreams since I moved and I am loving it. Hope that sticks.
I'm obsessed with spotify. So if you don't know what it is you better check it out!
Hattiesburg doesn't have a single daiquiri place, which makes me miss Natchitoches desperately.
I lost my best kitty friend Rose, but received the most wonderful gift in her memory for Christmas.
Thanks for an amazing sermon series...Be the person you are looking for is looking for.
Always take more pictures! and smile more :)

Last year for New Year's I wanted to make a goal in life to think more before I speak. Although I still struggle with this one, I do think I've improved. I need a new goal for 2013...so holler some suggestions my way.

Thank you to those who read my blog even though postings became sporadic.

May God Bless you (whoever is reading this) in 2013...