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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Something always brings me back to you"-Sara Bareilles

This morning has consisted of emails bunkiemonkie and jfletcher@phimu.org :), a little facebook, pandora, pinterest and studying for the GRE. ugh! Let's just say that studying for the GRE is not a fun task...but something I have to do!

yep I'm a total DUMMIE when it comes to this test!

While I was doing some pinning I found this super cool blog about sorority badges.  check it out.

They had this...
gorgeous right?

Happy Thursday!
Listening to Colbie/Bethany/Sara pandora stations.
I get to see my sister consultants tomorrow.  10/21/11 The day we have been waiting for since 8/4/11 :)


  1. studying for the GRE sucks a lot! good luck with it.

  2. Hi!! I just saw that you are following my blog now. Are you a Phi Mu traveling adviser?? / Are you coming to FSU?! I'm a Phi Mu at FSU. :)

  3. So I just sketched down your page and saw a picture of you. You came for recruitment right?!

  4. yep. I was there for Open House and then the first day of Philanthropy. A very short visit.