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Friday, October 21, 2011

Airport adventures-Montgomery

I'm all ready to go through security.  Computer in it's own bin.  Shoes/bag/belt in another...pink carryon behind it.  Well now I have to take my watch off and as it is rolling through the x-ray machine this is how the conversation went:

TSA guy: Is that your Michael Kors watch?
Me: haha no, but look at you keeping up with the trends!
TSA guy: Well what is it then?
Me: Betsey Johnson
TSA guy: nice! I like the stones around it and the rose gold.
Me: Rose gold! yes!  I love it.  It's new.  It's funny you know about this.
TSA guy: What? Are we not suppose to be humans and know this kind of stuff as TSA guys?
Me: Well funny thing is another TSA officer asked me about my flesh toned toe nails one time.  I guess ya'll are always up on the trends.

I walk through the medal detector; slip on my heels and smile!  Gotta love airports and TSA!

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