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I love red velvet cake, glitter, music, car washes, and nail polish. I am a southern belle with a hint of cajun class. Starting this blog was a challenge to do something I WANTED to do not because I HAD to.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am writing from the beautiful city of Hattiesburg!  I will be moving here for Graduate School in August. Let me just say that I am super excited!  This will certainly be a new adventure in my life.  These past couple of days my mom and I have been prowling for apartments....prowling? Uh yes!  This task was much more difficult than I imagined.  Let's just say we have searched them all. I even made a pro/con list over frozen yogurt today! Some things are just deal breakers you know? I think we found the "almost perfect" one....finally!  I'll be sure to post pictures once everything is decorated.  I have been searching pinterest for ideas and inspiration!  

What are your deal breakers on apartments?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 year letter

5 years ago today I graduated from high school!  Wow!  Time sure has flown by! Last week I received a letter in the mail, from myself five years ago.  Our math teacher gave us fifty points if we wrote a letter to ourselves.  She said she would mail it to us and she kept that promise!  Of course I didn't forget about the letter.  I knew it was coming in the mail and boy was I excited the day it arrived!  It was 5 pages front and back!  I also colored and decorated the pages to match the topic I was writing about.  I mean it was total high school!  When reading the letter I laughed and cried.  It was awesome.  

I loved that the main point I made in the letter. I wanted to remind myself of the good times from high school not the crazy/painful/stressful times!  Happiness was obviously very important to me at that time!  

In the letter I wrote how I knew I'd be a Phi Mu at NSU and hopefully the Duck Festival Queen!  Well both of those goals were accomplished! woohoo!

Also I talked about how I might be traveling or working on my masters in five years....well that certainly happened!  41 universities in a year for Phi Mu and now graduate school at Southern Miss in the fall!

I might just write myself a letter and not read it for another 5 years!  What do you think? I think it is a brilliant idea!

 If you could have read a letter from yourself written five years ago what would you want it to say?

here are a few pics from the graduation party...the pictures from the graduation were all blurry! :(

I just love this pic...don't hate me Kate
of course mom went all out for the partay!!
grad party decorations!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


As graduations are coming and going during the month of May, the interviewing and networking portion of finding a job increases.  I was reading my google alerts this morning for "sorority" and came across this great article from the huffingtonpost.  This article really sums up recruiting 101.  I was definitely impressed with what the author had to say.  Not many people understand the valuable skills gained while being a sorority woman, but I believe after reading this some opinions might change.  Just like the theatre taught me many skills that I have applied to other areas so did being in a sorority.  Are any of you getting ready for big job interviews?  If so read this article and brush up on your networking skills.  It is alwasy best to be prepared!

hehe thought this was funny!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

busy bee

Well well well....things have been a little busy since I hit the town in Bunkie! Graduations, weddings, and work.  Work?  Yes I am now working a few shifts at Dad's clinic in Marksville.  I must say I am not liking the early mornings, but if I was stuck at home every day I would be completely bored!

Mom and I have done a bit of shopping for my apartment in Hattiesburg!  I am so excited to move in August. What do you think about my bedding below? It has been 5 years since I had new bedding.  hmmm sounds like I am ready to move in and lay around in my bed! :)

I also bought a chaise lounge from Ivan Smith.  It was my first big girl purchase for the apartment.  Pawpaw came with me and we hauled it back on his trailer.  We made a short stop at Lea's in Lecompte and had pie!  If you are ever passing through Lecompte and can stop-DO IT!

Yesterday I got an email with a newsletter about my program at Southern Miss! It was filled with wonderful stories from professors, students, and great information preparing me for the fall. I think I should start a countdown!  Who's with me???

Until next time...