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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Bittersweet Home.

Well these past two days have certainly been bittersweet.  Just a little recap to get everyone up to date...

6:30am Wake up and get ready 
7:00am Leave for airport
9:20am flight to Houston
11:30 am flight to Alexandria
12:45pm  land! Meme, Pop, and Aunt Carrie are at the gate waiting on me because they brought my DUCK-MOBILE!
1:56pm Blaring Country music.  Phi Mu sunglasses on.  Sunroof open.  Cruise control on!
1:40pm Walk into the House with Mom waiting on me with arms wide open.
1:45 shoving a delicious Ribeye down before we have to leave.
2:30-6 visitation

That night was bittersweet.  I have not seen family in well over a month or more, because before I left for Phi Mu I had been in South Carolina for Beta Broyhill.  It was so funny because I felt like I was speaking to people I have not seen in YEARS and then I realized...wait! I have not talked much to my own momma in a month.  So mom and I tried to escape the madness and stay in the kitchen area at the funeral home.  It did not work too well, but it was nice to just vent to her for a while.  The entire time I was home I felt like a chatterbox.  All I could do was talk.  Dad and I got into some deep Greek discussions!  Gosh I love those...and then he always says, "Speaking of the GRE...when are you taking that test?"...never fails.

6:00pm Dinner at Pawpaw's house.
7:30pm Finally go back to the house.  WASH CLOTHES!!!
8:45 I was in bed.  Oh yes...finally my head and my glorious pillow were reunited.  AHHHHH

6:45am Wake up call by John Allen (Good morning breakfast lovers a howdy doo!)
8:00am Rehearsal for the songs at the funeral service with Brother Brad.
10:00am Funeral service

I sang "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me.  This song is already difficult to get through just by the words in general, but now with the given circumstances.  It was definitely one of the hardest things I have had to do thus far in life.  I held it together...almost...until the very end.  Then Brother Brad and I sang "He Touched Me", such a beautiful song.  

11:05am Jenna, Jacob, and I packed up to go to Pawpaw's again.  
11:15am LUNCH! We had some delicious food while I was home.  This was a plus!!  

The ladies from church were such a big help to the family during these past two days. 

1:00pm Hit the road for Baker! Jenna and I watched "Just my luck" in the car on the way.  We needed a little escape from the craziness.
3:00pm visitation
4:00 Grave site

At this point in time we were completely drenched in sweat because it is so hot outside! 

4:44pm All loaded up in Dad's truck to head back to B-town.

Finally we got back home and had Zapote's for dinner.  Can't beat good queso dip!

Mom and I washed more clothes and packed.  Played with Bunny, Izzy, and Rose!  Poor Lilly girl...all she does is sniff the trash and run into walls.  What a sweet but blind puppy dog to do?

After a wonderful night of sleep in my OWN bed on my OWN pillows, I am up and at the airport.  I fly to Mobile today!  yay!  Ready to get back to work.  Pop met me here to drive the duck-mobile back to Pineville.  As I am updating my blog he is just chatting away about his days in the Air Force.  He will never run out of stories to tell!  I actually got to the airport an hour and a half early....yay for some blogging time.  I missed it.

Well Pop wants to tell me another story so I guess I better finish this up.  Thanks to everyone who has been praying for our family.  It is greatly appreciate.  Mrs. Anita was a wonderful woman and I know she is smiling down right now with my Ganna.  

Love to all...ju

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh wait I'm boarding again!

Well I am off again.  Sitting at the Tallahassee airport.  Here I go back to the central time zone!  I will get to communicate with friends and family at the same time for a while.  This is fantastic!!!

Things I miss at the moment...
1. Rosebell always and forever!  Maybe I can see her on Skype again soon.
2. MY pillows: foam type something.  Best thing I ever laid my head on.
3. Canes-All this talk about Zaxby's does NOT compare to canes and cane sauce.
4. And my mother of course.  ha love you mom:)

I am excited to visit Arkansas today.  I think I get some time to go shopping (at least it is on the schedule) I am going to ask for a pedicure instead!

I will be at workshop with the Epsilon Lambda ladies.  Might not get a chance to blog for a bit.
Happy thursday to everyone.

Time to board......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Communication sounds like this...

I get this blog sent to my email every time it is updated.  Today was about the strengths from a strength finders test.  Before we hit HQ for consultant training they sent us the strength finders book so we could fill out the test and receive results.  So I went on the website to review my results.  I then found my personalized guide which led further into my strengths on all different levels of focus.  One of my strengths is Communication. It says Communication sounds like this...

Sheila K., general manager of a theme park: “Stories are the best way to make my point. Yesterday I wanted to show my executive committee the impact we can have on our guests, so I shared this story with them: One of our employees brought her father to the flag-raising ceremony we have for Veterans Day here at the theme park. He was disabled during World War II, and he now has a rare form of cancer and has had a lot of surgery. He’s dying. At the start of the ceremony, one of our employees said to the group, ‘This man is a World War II veteran. Can we give him a hand?’ Everybody cheered, and his daughter started crying. Her dad took off his hat. He never takes off his hat because of the scars on his head from the war and the cancer surgery, but when the national anthem started, he took off his hat and bowed his head. His daughter told me later that it was the best day he’s had in years.”

Tom P., banking executive: “My most recent client thought that the flow of capital toward Internet stocks was just a passing phase. I tried using a rational argument to change his mind, but he couldn’t or wouldn’t be convinced. In the end, as I often do when faced with a client in denial, I resorted to imagery. I told him that he was like a person sitting on a beach with his back to the sea. The Internet was like a fast-rising tide. No matter how comfortable he felt right now, the tide was rising with each crashing wave, and very soon, one of those waves would come crashing down over his head and engulf him. He got the point.”


Margret D., marketing director: “I once read a book about giving speeches that gave two suggestions: Talk only about things you’re really passionate about, and always use personal examples. I immediately started doing that, and I found lots of stories because I have kids and grandkids and a husband. I build my stories around my personal experiences because everyone can relate to them.”


I love the last example.  Communication is much easier when it is made personal.  When talking to the chapters I do my best to share stories and be passionate every day.  This journey is a learning experience.  I am learning from the chapters, individual girls, and myself daily.  I am learning how to communicate effectively.

I miss my chapter consultant friends so much!
I tried communicating with my parents last night via facetime.  We had some wifi issues, BUT I did get to see my girl ROSE! and BUNNY! gosh I miss them.  Much love to the fam.


Saw this on pinterest and thought I should share.  Have a happy day everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Embracing change

Change is extremely difficult to embrace.
I remember those rehearsals during School House Rock Live! When Pia Wyatt (Ahh I miss her so much) would say...."Okay everyone embrace the change.  Reach out your arms and embrace it...because it's gonna happen!" This is something I am trying to teach to the chapters I visit.

It is not Easy!
Just like in your regular lives you get into a routine or pattern and then something happens and there is a wrench thrown into the mix!  Not cool.  Well as a consultant I am like that wrench.

My job as a consultant is to visit the chapters in Phi Mu land and help any way possible.  That could be completely changing things around for some chapters.  Hmmm there is that word change again :)  All in all it is to help the chapter grow as a whole.

I am still learning.  It is a process.  I have to pick my battles.  BUT let me just say I am having an amazing time on the road!  It is so amazing to see what other chapters are doing out their in Phi Mu Land.   Every chapter is unique and special in their own way.

I told my Dad, "Phi Mu chapters are a lot like vet clinics.  Some have huge signs with virtual screeny things and others are small houses in the middle of no where with just a small wooden sign."

No matter the chapter, no matter the ladies, it is still Phi Mu.  My passion.  And I am so proud of all of the women who have embraced the change.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am currently visiting the University of West Georgia which is the Gamma Rho chapter of Phi Mu.  Campus is located in the heart of Carrollton, GA.  Campus is beautiful!  There are tons of new buildings and developments on campus. Growth is definitely on top of the priority list for the Wolves.  They recently got a new football field, library (with a Starbucks), book store, and Greek village (more pics to come). All of the girls talk about how much they love going to school here...
Go West!

I always know when I'm picked up by the chapter if it will be a good visit or a great one...well these Phi Mu ladies have been fantastic!  We have been working so hard getting ready for Recruitment from morn until night so we decided to take a little break and GO TO THE MOVIES!

And guess what we saw...

Novel written by Kathryn Stockett- Phi Mu Alumni from (Alpha Zeta) University of Alabama.  
Kathryn had a cameo in the movie along with Dana Ivy- Phi Mu Alumni (Alpha Omega) University of Southern Mississippi.

One of the quotes used over and over through the movie and I'm sure the book (haven't read it yet) was 
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."
I absolutely LOVE this quote.  Obviously my parents didn't tell me this specific quote each day, but certainly were supportive of everything I ever did and I know they love me unconditionally.  

Today started out on a great note.  The Membership Director showed a youtube video to inspire her sisters to get into the right state of mind for workshop.  Check it out...I think you'll like it.

I am going to miss these girls a lot.  I taught them the wobble! My Kappa Iota sisters would be so proud!  We have been dancing up a storm in Greek village while the rest of the greeks are hanging out on their back porch, playing golf, throwing the baseball, and getting their house ready for school.  We played Red Rover, Ships and Sailors, and even Hide-n-seek! It was an awesome atmosphere.  I'm super jealous of their little village, everyone gets to hang out with each other! Fun fun fun!...here are some pics.

Love Group
President Kelly!
Hanging out in the Chapter room
Kappa Sigma House-for Jack!

Quatrefoil stunting!
Phi Mu Basket Toss
Me in front of the Phi Mu House
Closer up
Greek village
Me not getting through the Red Rover line :(

The BEAUTIFUL Greek Village!

And last but not least...God certainly puts  you in the right place at the right time.  He has a plan for everyone even though it might be difficult to understand at times.  It is nice to know that when you are down your sisters, friends, and family are there to pick you back up.  The sisters of Gamma Rho have been undeniably supportive of each other.   I'm so proud of them for all of their hard work these past few days.  I can see their vibrant personalities just through these few short days.  Gamma Rho is keeping true to the meaning spirit and reality of Phi Mu.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How sweet it is...

It's my first full day at Valdosta State University.  
Today's recruitment theme is Sisterhood day. 


 Of course Phi Mu is Sweet on Sisterhood!
Today makes me really miss my Kappa Iota ladies.
The Kappa Beta chapter has a slideshow for their party today 
that has pictures of events from the entire year!

Reminiscing on Sisterhood has been a great day!
I'm so proud of the Kappa Beta ladies.  
They have done a wonderful job today at recruitment.  
They have been in heels for about 8 hours now.  
The things we do during recruitment.  
Talk about sacrifice....just kidding.

Finding that bond with someone is so rare.  
     Each and every sorority woman knows that it is something special. 
That special bond has amazing possibilities!

Today I feel so proud of my KB and KG ladies :)
I'm still thinking about  Troy.
Today was skit day!
Man did I have fun with that one!


AHHH YES....How SWEET it is to be a PHI MU!

Monday, August 8, 2011

"My Phi Mu Girl"-Kappa Gamma chapter

Troy University-Troy, AL

These past couple of days have been absolutely amazing!  The ladies of Phi Mu-Kappa Gamma chapter welcomed me with open arms.   

The Kappa Gamma chapter has been busy with Spirit Week leading up to Recruitment.  Days are filled with painting the big wooden letters, updating and cleaning the house, reviewing conversation for each party round, visiting with alumni, bonding during meals, and singing and dancing until their Phi Mu heart is content.

Even painting lolli pops...thats for you Hara Henshell.

Just a swinging on the Phi Mu porch :)

At Northwestern we did not have bedrooms in our chapter house.  Finally, I have been able to experience true sorority life by staying in the beautiful Kappa Gamma-Phi Mu house.

I absolutely LOVE their t-shirt board.  This board has wonderful memories shared between the sisters each year.  T-shirts are a chapter favorite here at Kappa Gamma.

Spirit Week has been phi-tastic!  These ladies have worked so hard and I just know they are ready for a wonderful recruitment.  They will soon welcome new Phis into our sisterhood.

Missing my fellow consultants oh so much!!!! Hugs and Kisses.

Friday, August 5, 2011

"The First Day"-Beyonce

2011-2012 Phi Mu Chapter Consultants

Video produced by Phi Mu Headquarters-Kerri Slezak

Once you watch this video you will realize that the Phi Mu chapter consultants had a blast in Peachtree City, GA!  Of course we got down to business and learned everything we would need to know about membership!

One of the most important topics of the day was where we would eat lunch and dinner in good ole PTC each day.

Where shall we go to lunch?....Let's look at the choices!!!

We learned about the new and fabulous Officer Portal (thank you Jamie McMillen!!), UIFI-Phi Mu edition, hand bid matching, Carnation Collection, Billhighway, and all of the many websites that belong to Phi Mu!

The most important bit of information learned during training is that I no longer represent just the Kappa Iota chapter of Phi Mu (although I miss my KI sisters dearly), but the national organization. I make a difference to the members of Phi Mu.  As Jessica Sopko would say, "What you do matters"...she was a great past consultant of the fraternity.  She skyped in on one of our many conference calls and was able to share about life on the road.

I am now at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL visiting the Theta Kappa chapter of Phi Mu.  We have workshop today and tomorrow!  Ready to get started with these fantastic ladies.

Huntingdon College!  Today I went on a tour of the campus.

Huntingdon has a Quatrefoil Park on campus.  So cool!

OH PS.... I now have a PHI MU CREDIT CARD with my name on it! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh the places I'll go...

Oh the places I'll go....
Recruitment Schedule Fall 2011

Theta Kappa
Montgomery, AL

Kappa Beta
Valdosta, GA

Kappa Mu
Statesboro, GA

Gamma Rho
Carrollton, GA

Gamma Alpha
Williamsburg, VA

Alpha Epsilon
Tallahassee, FL

Epsilon Lambda
Russellville, AR

Kappa Omega
Mobile, AL

Epsilon Sigma
San Antonio, TX

Delta Phi
Ashland, OH

Delta Iota
Berea, OH

I know everyone has been dying to know where I will be visiting.  Continue checking my blog for updates throughout the year.  
With all my phi mu love- Julie