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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

college or resort?


This was my view during my meetings with the exec team
oh and to watch the VS fashion show!
great view right!?

precious art work in the University Center.
too funny :)

This campus is beautiful!  HPU is on everything...as you can see here on the umbrellas.

Campus is filled with wonderful Christmas decorations

great quotes to give some inspiration as you walk to class!

Oh hello Shakespeare! Is this seat taken?

High Point University is absolutely stunning!  I just fell in love with the farmer's market on campus.  I even got a pair of earrings out of it.  The lady at the register where they swipe their student cards stopped us one day and gave me some silver earrings!  This job really has amazing opportunities and is a blessing.  I cannot help but be thankful!

And the fireplace...every meeting was held right there.  I mean who wouldn't meet by the fire!? :)

Sorry to everyone who reads my blog...been slacking lately.  It doesn't help that I am home. :)
More to come soon...promise!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lessons Learned

I had an teaching opportunity with a chapter I recently visited.  The feeling of knowing that I helped the girls learn something about Phi Mu and themselves was very satisfying.  Throughout this job I have had lots of opportunities to teach.  Some of it is just the nature of the job.  It is nice to walk away from the experience and know without a shadow of a doubt that you made a difference.  Ah you cannot be that feeling.  

Then on the flip side I had a learning opportunity.  The cliche "you learn something new everyday" really is true.  This time was a little more substantial than a fun fact for the day.  I must be honest sometimes the journey of learning something new is not fun.  It is difficult.  uncomfortable. But worth it.  

I wanted to share some cool quotes I found on pinterest about learning.  Every day is a learning experience and I am doing my best to embrace it.

Love these...hope you all do the same.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rocky Top

I know it has been a while since I actually was in Tennessee, but I never blogged about it.  My visit to Knoxville was jam packed busy! Date Party, Meetings all day (I mean literally ALL day), family tailgate, football game, and elections!  I also was blessed to catch up with some oldie but goodie Beta friends.  I just love how the Beta Club from High School can connect you to people all over the country.  It was great to catch up with Ali, Lindsey, and Carlos.  Miss those peeps:)

I enjoyed going to the game...this stadium was massive. It holds over 100,000 people. I mean seriously I felt like a bug in this place.  I was a true Tennessee girl that night.  I sang every word to Rocky Top every single time it played.  You should have seen me shaking my pom pom to all the cheers! Gosh I loved it.  I even became bff with the guy next to me...football just brings people together.  

It is funny that I am writing this today when LSU is playing in the SEC Championship.  

I was told by Mille the chapter President that back in the 80s when everyone would sing Rocky Top there was never the "whoo" in the song until some Phi Mus started it.  Now I really don't know if this is exactly true, but the Kappa Sigma President who sat with us agreed and said that it was true!  After hearing the story every time when it came to shout the "whoo" and fist pump at the same time I always smiled because I knew the true story behind that!  I just love the story whether it is really true or not.  :)

Famous flame statue on campus


I just had to take a picture of these crazy pants!

Sweet Chapter President Mille and myself
We also had really great seats...16th row.  Oh and I also sported my bright orange coat.  
Happy Game day to all.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Airport adventures-HOTLANTA!

courtesy of pinterest

Back to work here I come!  I was so excited to get back on the road.  Everything in this story is completely true and crazy and detailed.  I am not a great story teller as most of my close friends know, but I just have to share my crazy day yesterday (which basically bled into this morning...you'll see) with all of you.

So I get in the duck mobile all ready to hit the airport.  New songs downloaded on the iphone and it is plugged in ready to go! List for the day...

Miranda Lambert: Four the Record
Kelly Clarkson: Stronger
Rihanna: Talk that Talk
Lil Wayne: Tha Carter IV

Get to AEX to meet Meme and Pop so they can take the car.  Everything was fine/on time/usual until I get to Atlanta. Hot lanta stands for HOT MESS!

I get off the plane look for the next gate for my flight to Greensboro and it is in the same concourse! Score! So I grab a chicken sandwich from Wendy's and find my gate.  Of course it is full so I go to the other side to eat lunch and I start working on my reports while I wait.

Then the flight gets delayed...great!

I'm listening to Rihanna as this guy taps me on the shoulder and honestly scares the mess out of me! So I jump up and realize oh he is just trying to talk to me.

So this is how the conversation goes down

Pilot: I didn't mean to scare you
Me: It's okay I scare easily.
Pilot: You scare easily?
Me: yeah you like in movies when things jump out at you.
Pilot: oh okay did I bring you in on the AEX flight?
Me: yeah I think you did.
Pilot: thought so
Me: Well sit down (at this point I didn't know what to do and he was still standing)
Me: Hi I'm Julie
Pilot: Hi I'm %@$$#@@ ( you know for privacy purposes hahah)

so we talked for a few minutes and of course I asked him how he became a pilot!!!! :)

THEN my phone rings and it is Megan #phimucc...we both realize that we are in the airport and THEN I realized I never see the gate across the way change the destination on the screen for the next flight which is suppose to leave at 3:48pm. (look at my phone it is 3:48pm)

so I throw my blazer back on (which is hot pink and super precious I might add) and say goodbye to the Pilot...well he hands this piece of paper and says, "I wanted to give you this earlier".  So I reply, "ok thank you" and run down to the gate (which had been changed and my delta app did not tell me this!)

I get there and the door is closed.  Finally a lady comes out...
Me: Did I miss this flight?
Delta lady: Are you Julie?
Me: yes ma'am 
DL: where were you?
Me: I didn't know the gate change.
DL: oh okay let me see what I can do.
Me: sure take your time...(might as well now)

In the mean time Megan and I exchange about 5 phone calls where we talked for two seconds and then said "let me call you back"...so funny! I finally open the piece of paper the pilot gives me and it is his name and number. OMG this never happens to me!!!!!!

Alrighty booked on another flight.  Walk down to see Megan.  Show the piece of paper.  Share a flip out/OMG/ahh I can't believe you are here moment then say goodbye since her plane was leaving.  Now it is on to Concourse D for the new flight.

Get there...Delayed flight.  Delayed flight.  Gate change.  Delayed flight.  Delayed flight.  Seriously this happened.  I was suppose to get into Greensboro at 4:30 pm I didn't get there until 9:30!

courtesy of pinterest

I hand the guy my boarding pass as he scans it, he hands me a seat change.  GREAT another thing changed...just my luck for the day. Then I realize it is D which means window seat! SCORE!
Get on the plane and what do I do?...pass up the seat because it was in First class! Oh yes first class again!  Thank you Delta airlines.  This has been a day and I appreciate the hospitality!

So the lady asks if I'd like a drink while we wait and what do I say? COKE PLEASE! :)
Oh I got goldfish again too...yummy.

Arrive.  Eat.  Get to the Phi Mu house...super nice! This campus is like Disneyland for colleges.  So pretty.  

Think the story is over? NOPE!

Watching Friday Night Lights before I go to bed...get thirsty, so I go to the kitchen for some OJ.
and I LOCK MYSELF OUT OF THE ROOM! (the doors automatically lock so this happens frequently they say, but did not tell me this earlier in the night)

Picture this: me standing there with no phone at 2:30 am locked out! This is just the cherry to the cake!

So I creep up the stairs to where the girl's rooms are and knock on the door thinking gosh they are going to think I am stupid.  Anyway I hear giggling from one room and they open up and call security for me!

Finally in bed safe and sound.  Exhausted from the day, but can't sleep...typical.

Oh the adventures I encounter!

......Thanks for reading-ju

polyvore please

a little obsessed and had to share...

Glitter Guide: Polyvore

Other than being a Phi Mu Chapter consultant this sounds like a fantastic job! Read about an upcoming social media fashion forward site.

Next blog will be about airport adventures...so get ready...stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Harvest Festival

Tonight was a wonderful night of thanks!  As long as I can remember the Wednesday night before thanksgiving the family attends the Harvest Festival at church.  Every year there is a memorial for the men and women who have gone to be with the Lord since last Thanksgiving.  This year was particularly difficult since Mrs. Anita's name was on the list along with some very prominent members of our church.  During Brother LaMon's sermon I got to thinking about all of the many things I am thankful for...

Rosebell (of course the others too)
Friends even though I don't get to see them that often
Phi Mu for this amazing journey called "work" :)
Phi Mu consultants
and so much more!

Brother LaMon said something that I really like...He talked about how being ungrateful was just a part of life.  We cannot help at times that we are ungrateful because there is so much that we could be grateful for this in world.  The last thing that will always stick with me is that we do not know when the last time we will have the opportunity to say thank you to someone we care about.  So my challenge to you: Call someone that you have not spoken to in a while and tell them how thankful you are for their presence in your life.

presh right?
couldn't help but throw this in 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Butterfly blessings

While visiting the Theta Chapter at Belmont University I had an amazing opportunity.  Down the road from the school is Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  It is an amazing facility that takes care of thousands of children a year.  The Phi Mu chapter is very blessed to be able to have a hospital so close...you can't be hands on service to a CMN Hospital.  Katie Rush, newly elected President for the Theta Chapter was my tour guide along with her mom.  Now I don't exactly remember the right title but Katie's mom holds the position of Chief of Staff for one area of the children's department.  She came and met us and gave me a little private tour and run down of the hospital.  It was great to see how important Phi Mu's involvement is with our national Philanthropy.  Since 1986 Phi Mu has nationally sponsored Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and over 8.5 million dollars has been raised.  Incredible! This tour allowed me to see all that I am thankful for...my faith, family, job, health, and opportunities like this one!

In front of the Butterfly Garden
All of the donations to the hospital are rewarded by a butterfly and added to this beautiful site for the hospital
Phi Mu-Belmont University-Theta Chapter
Sponsors of CMN

Who doesn't LOVE Cat in the Hat!

Front Doors of the Hospital

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beautiful Mountain

It was a rainy day in Nashville.  Definitely not the best day for a cute outfit, but whatever I had a wonderful day even though the rain kept coming down!  These past few days in Tennessee have been a pleasure to be here.  I am so blessed for this opportunity.  Visiting the Kappa Pi and Theta chapters continue to reassure me in the fact that I am right where God wants me.  Although it is so scary every day to think about the future.

While I was home in B town I took the GRE.  All I have to say is that I made it out alive.  No seriously.  To be honest with myself, I am not very happy with my score.  I have time for improvements though.  Now I know what to do and how to really take the test.  Mastering the skills of just taking the test is half the battle.

Now that I am in Nashville and getting the opportunity to see some of the city I. AM. IN. LOVE! Seriously.  The city is fantastic!  Belmont University is wonderful as well.  I would have fit right in to this school.  So picture this...Me a theatre major but sorority girl in the same breath...uncommon at most schools. Well they have tons of sisters who are in the Music and Theatre departments here.  Belmont is like hipster meets southern belle.  It would be perfect for me...except the price :( ha!

Tonight I had a wonderful dinner with the chapter adviser.  She was so pleasant to be with and had great advice!  Of course, what is the number one thing people ask me? What do you want to do after being a consultant? Well my answer is fuzzy right now.

yes.  I want to go to grad school!  I need to go to grad school.  Where? I don't know! When? I don't know that either...would people just stop asking me :)  One thing that Becky had to say that I really appreciated was this, "It's not the fear that you have but it is what you do with it"

I am no scared of where to go and what to do. Going to Northwestern and studying Theatre was easy.  At least the decision was easy to make.  Being in Phi Mu was an even easier decision.  Applying to be a consultant was an easy decision.  Now it is like...What do I do!?

She helped me realize that I have so many options.  

I can go to grad school.
I can be a Greek Adviser.
I can be involved in theatre.
I could be a consultant for another year.

All of this is possible.  I just need to figure out where I want to go...

Nashville has tons of theatre options.  Plus country music! You all know I love that!  Vanderbilt has a Higher Ed/Student Affairs program. It could happen.

I am definitely looking into it.  Say a prayer for me folks that I find peace in my decision.

Enjoy these pictures from my Belmont visit...
Belmont stands for Beautiful Mountain.  The home looks out over downtown Nashville.

Belmont Mansion
center of campus
even prettier inside!

Original gazebo
now historical landmarks and cannot be moved from campus

The mansion has four lion statues on the front of the home

Saturday, November 12, 2011

If you can dodge traffic you can dodge a ball

Another visit in the great state of Texas...UTSA! This is my second visit to see these sisters and I am so glad I got to go back.  I just love these girls.  This visit was filled with catching up on life, eating, shopping, and a little....DODGEBALL! 

Big boot outside the mall

ATO President and his partner in crime ha!

Team Angry Birds!

Team Gothic...they were hilarious!

Phi Mu and Alpha Tau Omega Dodgeball Exchange

Winning team!

So the girls and guys were split up into teams and created fun exciting names! My two favorite teams were...Team Angry Birds and Team Gothic...not sure why they chose that particular theme, but it was hilarious!  

The night consisted of hitting the mess out of each other with the dodgeball...of course many references from the movie were made! Let me just say there were plenty of Phi Mu sisters that kicked some dodgeball tail!  Sister Megan...won it for her team at the very end three times.  I would have been freaked out if I was the last one standing.  Goodness!

Dodgeball is a great mixer to have for all of those Greeks out there reading this! Find a location on your campus such as the WRAC, REC, GYM...whatever it may be.  Split the two chapter into teams and have a ball.  haha

It is a perfect event to have that is fun and everyone in each organization gets to know each other.  

Glad I got to be there!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

panhellenic love

During my visit to Stephenville, TX I had lunch at the best little deli.  Tomato Basil Soup.  Delicious!

they also serve crepes.  amazing!

TSU's panhellenic hosted an event at 'Jumping Party' in town.  Basically it was this huge room where they had tons of inflatables!  It was SO MUCH FUN!  If I was 5, 12, or hey turning 23 this would be a great birthday party!

panhellenic love
Phi Mu, Delta Zeta, and Alpha Gamma Delta

it was so difficult to stay balanced and climb this thing!

you knew someone was sliding down this one when you heard a squeal!!!!

Some of the Phi Mu ladies at the event

sweet Kelly...one of the secretaries

Loving Texas, especially the weather! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Be a leader not a follower

So I was thinking tonight about what I wanted my next blog post to be about and I think I found the perfect thing...she might hate me for this, but I did it anyway!

I haven't talked much about the other consultants on my blog because I don't get to see them very often.  Although I talk to them all the time via text/facebook/twitter/the occasional email. ha Anyway as I was catching up on some fashion blogs that I follow I came across this blog from one of the consultants and it was perfect.

Well said Megan.  So jealous that you got to go to church while you were home.  I get home Sunday afternoon to B town :( gosh I miss going to church so much.  Especially singing! I hope I get to sing at church while I am home for Christmas break!!!

It is great to know that you are not just my phi mu sister, but a sister in Christ.  loved your blog post...so glad you shared it with the world.  Thank you!

Enjoy the blog...


Favorite parts:
1. Deep impact and lasting influence
2. Leadership recession
3. Submissive=willing to yield. teachable (LOVE THIS)
4. What will you choose?