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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Slow down sister-Lady A

As I sit at the Chapter Adviser's house this morning for breakfast I start to think about all of the things that I have experienced while being on the road this year.  So much has happened since July 24th! I can't believe I'm on my twentieth visit! Crazy right!?

breakfast :)

When I was back home in Louisiana I never went home to Bunkie.  I stayed at sisters' houses and once again lived out of my suitcase.  Everyone kept asking, "So you just live out of your suitcase and that's it?"...why yes it is.  I actually like living out of my suitcase.

When I was younger I talked about going to California for the Young Americans.  Well the YAs tour just as much as I travel for Phi Mu.  I would have had to live out of a suitcase then too!  I always like traveling, but this time there is more strategic packing. :)

So  I purchased Dad purchased luggage this summer for my birthday! I was so excited.  Pink luggage with four wheels! The best I could get right? WRONG!

My large suitcase is now under the ownership of Delta Airlines.  It cracked while traveling...and looked like this...

Terrible! Stupid luggage.  Well I guess this is what traveling on multiple airplanes multiple times a week gets me.  I did get $100 back so that is a perk. Now I am kicking it with the medium size bag.  YES if you are wondering if it cuts down on the amount of clothes I can bring...you guessed correctly.  I like it though.  Less weight.  Always under 50lbs and I have less options which means less to fold every time I have to repack which is often.

One packing adventure I am ready for is to see my #phimuccs on Friday! We have Mid Semester Training in Peachtree City.  We finally get to see each other again since August and will be back in the dungeon aka the bottom floor of HQ. It has an official title, but I can't remember it.   

I am so excited for inside jokes, stories of all the visits we have been on, me singing and blaring music but not realizing everyone is yelling my name...oops! While the consultants will be in PTC so will the National Executive Council and the Board of Trustees.  Which means we must be on our BEST behavior.  I mean don't we always act our best?! Of course we do :) silly girls.  Can't wait....hurry up Friday let's get here. I. AM. READY.

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