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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back to where it all began...PTC!

Arrival to ATL was a success!  I cannot believe I was finally reunited with my consultant sisters for Mid Semester Training.  Life was good and I had only been on the ground for about 20 minutes.  I think I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time.  All of us where like little kids going to Disney world!

That night we went to our favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Tin Lizzys!  Gosh I love that place.  Great little mexican restaurant that has live music.  Of course I love it!

The next day we get all dressed up and head to HQ...well first we had to have breakfast at the Dolce! They seriously have the BEST grits you will ever eat in your entire life.  Soooo good.  Okay now on to HQ.  The National Council and the board of Trustees just happened to be in town over the weekend as well.  This means that we were on our best behavior!

Later that day our boss Hara comes into the kitchen where we had been all day and says, "hurry up let's go! The concert starts at 7:30!"....we all start freaking out! She surprised us with Sugarland tickets!  So a little recap: Hanna posted in our secret phimucc group on facebook about the concert a while back and we all decided that we needed some fun in our lives so we talked to Hara to see if we could go.  Well since the NEC and Board of Trustees were in town it was decided that we shouldn't go...well that was just a cover! We arrive at Phillips arena VIP style!

On the way to the concert I googled who was opening for Sugarland and I think I about lost my mind! None other than Sara Bareilles! I was so excited.  I love Sara.  She is amazing.  Talent.  Beautiful.  I could go on for days!  Sara and Sugarland were amazing of course.  I think we decided that every Sugarland song could be interpreted as a phimucc song! We even changed up a few lyrics!

We were so excited!

They passed out these posters to hold up during "Little miss".
 It was the last show of the tour so pranks are always a given!

Kristian the second half of Sugarland had a surprise for the audience.
He gave this guitar away.
Lucky young winner!!!

That surprise was the best!  So thankful of working for such a giving organization.  They care about us so much.  The next morning at breakfast I think the National Executive Council was a little jealous! :)

So it's back to work for us.  On Sunday we were back in the HQ working.  Yes consultants work on Sundays...more like 24/7 sometimes.  We actually presented on different topics to each other.  Ranging from Committees to Chapter Developments and Philanthropy to the role of the Secretary.  This was a great learning tool for us.  We got a little taste of how many different chapters function in a variety of areas.  

Well after a long day's work the consultants decided to go to our favorite place in PTC...Taco Mac.
We decided that it was a good idea to buy shirts and wear them to work!

I don't know what I'd do without these girls!
The Executive Director is from Louisiana! She is a huge Saints fan...so when the Saints win the office gets to have dress down days!  Well the Saints beat the Colts that night and we got to wear jeans and our t-shirts to work!  WHO DAT!

Phi Mu CC Megan is a Colts fan...she wasn't very happy about the loss :( only about the attire for the next day :)

Gotta leave you hanging... more to come!

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