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Monday, October 3, 2011

For you Nebraska, Nebraska, I love you

I have only been in Nebraska for a few hours, but I AM LOVING IT!

First of all I flew in to Minneapolis today and normally I do not leave the window of the plane open because I'm asleep before the plane even takes off of the ground.  We were about to land so I open the window and look out of the window.  It was gorgeous.  I guess I am not use to a normal fall because of Louisiana weather.  The trees were yellow and orange.  So rich in color! I was a little amazed.  Louisiana is hot one day cold the next.

cool right?

Okay so made it to Lincoln, Nebraska!

It is HOMECOMING WEEK for the good ole Huskers!

Tonight I went to Monday Night LIVE! All of the srats and frats (that is for you Tori Sanford) get paired up! I love that idea.  NSU needs to do this.  Anyway they come up with a skit/dance/lip-sync type thing to match the theme.  The theme is precious!  

New Kids on the BLOCK.  

Nebraska recently entered the BIG 10 conference and said adios to the BIG 12.  Dad better be proud of my college football knowledge :)

So they are the new kids on the block.  It was hilarious.  Definitely a dedication to the 90s.
(funny Kappa Iota just had a I Love the 90s party)

The performances were at the Lied Center which is an absolutely beautiful theatre.  They showed a preview before the Greeks took the stage of all of the performances coming to Lincoln.  Talk about jealous.  I want to come back so bad.  

Beauty and the Beast, In the Heights, Mamma Mia, and Young Frankenstein 

Mom...can we? Or Let's just hit up NYC for Thanksgiving!

After the performances we walked downtown Lincoln!  I cannot wait for what the rest of the visit brings.  I think a little pomping will occur! Phi Mu is paired up with the Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Zeta Delta for Homecoming.  I get to help with the float later on! yay!

Oh and I just had to share the Lady Gaga (You and I) video since it was filmed in Nebraska!

courtesy of vevo

title post: gaga lyrics....I'm singing with her while I type.

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