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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Embrace the Moments

Finally. I am finished with my Master's degree. Thank you to everyone for your continuous support this past year. It has been an emotionally exhausting journey.

I am finally settled into my new apartment in Alabama. I am so honored to begin the next chapter of life as the Fraternity and Sorority Advisor at The University of North Alabama. The job search process has taught me so much. First of all to be patient. Well easier said then done. I have spent so many nights praying for an answer. God where do you want me to be? Please provide a job for me. It was so hard every day sitting around and waiting for an answer, but the process only encouraged me to lean on God more not my own strength.

I encourage you to leave your worries, struggles, and doubts at God's feet. I know it is tough to do that at times. As human we want to fix everything right now. This world has taught us we can have instant gratification. The Lord teaches us to lean on Him and wait patiently. God's timing is perfect.

Today I went to a new church. Faith Church here in Florence. It was non denominational. I have always been raised in a Baptist church. I was excited at first to go, but once the music started I was a little skeptic. I got spoiled at First Hattiesburg. It is the kind of church that had everything I wanted in worship. I kept praying during the worship service for God to break down any barriers and allow me to learn something.

The sermon was entitled "Embrace the Moments". Life is not made up of memories, but of moments. Genesis 18: 1-3 If I have found favor in your eyes, my Lord, do not pass your servant by.
The student preacher had the opportunity to share this morning how God wants us to embrace the moment of Him and by doing so you will find favor with Him.

He talked about Elijah and "Elijah's spiritual boot camp" you can find the scripture in 1 Kings 17. Elijah was commanded by God to listen and obey. God called Elijah do to some crazy things in life, just like God calls you to things that are uncomfortable. We must listen and follow.

So what does God's favor look like? Psalms 103: 2-6 tells you...
God's favor is kindness, healing from sickness, love, compassion, plenty of good things, and can make you young again.

I have been so blessed in this past year. The Lord has shown me favor through education, family, a future spouse, friends, and infinite blessings.

I challenge you to embrace the moments as God is working in your life.

Psalms 84:11 The Lord God is our protector and glorious king. He blesses us with kindness and honor. The Lord freely gives every good thing to those who do what is right.

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