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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am limited...but He's not.

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I got off of the airplane in Houston and sighed, "Ahh it's good to be back".  
First stop Houston Baptist University.

I had the opportunity to be a fellow Louisiana native here.  The HBU Greek Adviser is from West Monroe and guess what!? She said she could not tell I was from Louisiana by the fact that my accent wasn't strong! Thank you Scott Burrell for all of the voice work from the Theatre! Although the folks in Ohio said "Aw you're so cute with your southern accent"....ha! Oh well I'm proud to be from Louisiana. Did I really just say that? 

I had a great meeting today.  The Greek Adviser is ironically not Greek.  Can that happen? Yep! It does here and you know what?  She actually gets it! I was fascinated.  She said her best friend is the Green Book for all of those out there that knows what the Green Book is. :)
She had some interesting things to say...most I agreed with.
We were on the subject of recruiting new members and she said something that really clicked.  
It's about cultivating relationships...
Why yes she is right! 
People join people not programs...
Why yes she is right again!

It made so much sense because of course who doesn't love to have new friends!? I love meeting new people.  That is one of the most exciting things about a new school year...new people!  I have met so many new people along my journey as a consultant.  Some have been very interesting I might say, but for the majority I have met and learned a lot from a variety of peeps. This job is awesome!

I know you are wondering..."How does a non Greek become a Greek Adviser", well it was the path that God set out for her.  I think this is path he set out for me.  Who knows? He does. We shall see once I take the GRE in November. ha.  But seriously when I was younger I did not ever picture myself here.  I did not know that "Greek Advisers" existed.  I always think to myself is this where I am suppose to be? Is this what I am suppose to do?  But how do I really know? 

A good friend told me at camp this past summer that we always ask God for answers and expect him to give them to us.  IMMEDIATELY.  Well that does not happen.  Answers don't just fall out of the sky.
Wouldn't that be nice!?
He told me that after prayer we need to sit and be still.  We get so caught up into the hustle and bustle of our lives that at times we don't even know God is giving us answers because we aren't listening.

Then I found this...
Easier said than done

God is limitless! We just forget sometimes.

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  1. VERY WELL SAID!!! I am proud that your Dad and I had a hand in giving you a Christian upbringing...I am glad that HE continues to work in your life. I know that HE does what he says for the very fact that you are here...living and breathing. HE answered my prayers so many years ago for a baby...you are right...it might not happen right away...but even seven years...is in HIS time! Keep Listening Julie...HE is talking!!!