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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home Bittersweet Home.

Well these past two days have certainly been bittersweet.  Just a little recap to get everyone up to date...

6:30am Wake up and get ready 
7:00am Leave for airport
9:20am flight to Houston
11:30 am flight to Alexandria
12:45pm  land! Meme, Pop, and Aunt Carrie are at the gate waiting on me because they brought my DUCK-MOBILE!
1:56pm Blaring Country music.  Phi Mu sunglasses on.  Sunroof open.  Cruise control on!
1:40pm Walk into the House with Mom waiting on me with arms wide open.
1:45 shoving a delicious Ribeye down before we have to leave.
2:30-6 visitation

That night was bittersweet.  I have not seen family in well over a month or more, because before I left for Phi Mu I had been in South Carolina for Beta Broyhill.  It was so funny because I felt like I was speaking to people I have not seen in YEARS and then I realized...wait! I have not talked much to my own momma in a month.  So mom and I tried to escape the madness and stay in the kitchen area at the funeral home.  It did not work too well, but it was nice to just vent to her for a while.  The entire time I was home I felt like a chatterbox.  All I could do was talk.  Dad and I got into some deep Greek discussions!  Gosh I love those...and then he always says, "Speaking of the GRE...when are you taking that test?"...never fails.

6:00pm Dinner at Pawpaw's house.
7:30pm Finally go back to the house.  WASH CLOTHES!!!
8:45 I was in bed.  Oh yes...finally my head and my glorious pillow were reunited.  AHHHHH

6:45am Wake up call by John Allen (Good morning breakfast lovers a howdy doo!)
8:00am Rehearsal for the songs at the funeral service with Brother Brad.
10:00am Funeral service

I sang "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me.  This song is already difficult to get through just by the words in general, but now with the given circumstances.  It was definitely one of the hardest things I have had to do thus far in life.  I held it together...almost...until the very end.  Then Brother Brad and I sang "He Touched Me", such a beautiful song.  

11:05am Jenna, Jacob, and I packed up to go to Pawpaw's again.  
11:15am LUNCH! We had some delicious food while I was home.  This was a plus!!  

The ladies from church were such a big help to the family during these past two days. 

1:00pm Hit the road for Baker! Jenna and I watched "Just my luck" in the car on the way.  We needed a little escape from the craziness.
3:00pm visitation
4:00 Grave site

At this point in time we were completely drenched in sweat because it is so hot outside! 

4:44pm All loaded up in Dad's truck to head back to B-town.

Finally we got back home and had Zapote's for dinner.  Can't beat good queso dip!

Mom and I washed more clothes and packed.  Played with Bunny, Izzy, and Rose!  Poor Lilly girl...all she does is sniff the trash and run into walls.  What a sweet but blind puppy dog to do?

After a wonderful night of sleep in my OWN bed on my OWN pillows, I am up and at the airport.  I fly to Mobile today!  yay!  Ready to get back to work.  Pop met me here to drive the duck-mobile back to Pineville.  As I am updating my blog he is just chatting away about his days in the Air Force.  He will never run out of stories to tell!  I actually got to the airport an hour and a half early....yay for some blogging time.  I missed it.

Well Pop wants to tell me another story so I guess I better finish this up.  Thanks to everyone who has been praying for our family.  It is greatly appreciate.  Mrs. Anita was a wonderful woman and I know she is smiling down right now with my Ganna.  

Love to all...ju

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