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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh wait I'm boarding again!

Well I am off again.  Sitting at the Tallahassee airport.  Here I go back to the central time zone!  I will get to communicate with friends and family at the same time for a while.  This is fantastic!!!

Things I miss at the moment...
1. Rosebell always and forever!  Maybe I can see her on Skype again soon.
2. MY pillows: foam type something.  Best thing I ever laid my head on.
3. Canes-All this talk about Zaxby's does NOT compare to canes and cane sauce.
4. And my mother of course.  ha love you mom:)

I am excited to visit Arkansas today.  I think I get some time to go shopping (at least it is on the schedule) I am going to ask for a pedicure instead!

I will be at workshop with the Epsilon Lambda ladies.  Might not get a chance to blog for a bit.
Happy thursday to everyone.

Time to board......

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  1. Love and miss you too Julie...Rose is fending for herself against the younger kitties...she is missing you too. Kicked Izzy off the counter tonight..wow...and to think she is almost 18 years old....that's old for a cat. Wish you were here to do the pedi..need mine done too...Let me know when you are coming in...I will take off...Fly safe my sweetie. Much Love! Momma Letabug