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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am currently visiting the University of West Georgia which is the Gamma Rho chapter of Phi Mu.  Campus is located in the heart of Carrollton, GA.  Campus is beautiful!  There are tons of new buildings and developments on campus. Growth is definitely on top of the priority list for the Wolves.  They recently got a new football field, library (with a Starbucks), book store, and Greek village (more pics to come). All of the girls talk about how much they love going to school here...
Go West!

I always know when I'm picked up by the chapter if it will be a good visit or a great one...well these Phi Mu ladies have been fantastic!  We have been working so hard getting ready for Recruitment from morn until night so we decided to take a little break and GO TO THE MOVIES!

And guess what we saw...

Novel written by Kathryn Stockett- Phi Mu Alumni from (Alpha Zeta) University of Alabama.  
Kathryn had a cameo in the movie along with Dana Ivy- Phi Mu Alumni (Alpha Omega) University of Southern Mississippi.

One of the quotes used over and over through the movie and I'm sure the book (haven't read it yet) was 
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."
I absolutely LOVE this quote.  Obviously my parents didn't tell me this specific quote each day, but certainly were supportive of everything I ever did and I know they love me unconditionally.  

Today started out on a great note.  The Membership Director showed a youtube video to inspire her sisters to get into the right state of mind for workshop.  Check it out...I think you'll like it.

I am going to miss these girls a lot.  I taught them the wobble! My Kappa Iota sisters would be so proud!  We have been dancing up a storm in Greek village while the rest of the greeks are hanging out on their back porch, playing golf, throwing the baseball, and getting their house ready for school.  We played Red Rover, Ships and Sailors, and even Hide-n-seek! It was an awesome atmosphere.  I'm super jealous of their little village, everyone gets to hang out with each other! Fun fun fun!...here are some pics.

Love Group
President Kelly!
Hanging out in the Chapter room
Kappa Sigma House-for Jack!

Quatrefoil stunting!
Phi Mu Basket Toss
Me in front of the Phi Mu House
Closer up
Greek village
Me not getting through the Red Rover line :(

The BEAUTIFUL Greek Village!

And last but not least...God certainly puts  you in the right place at the right time.  He has a plan for everyone even though it might be difficult to understand at times.  It is nice to know that when you are down your sisters, friends, and family are there to pick you back up.  The sisters of Gamma Rho have been undeniably supportive of each other.   I'm so proud of them for all of their hard work these past few days.  I can see their vibrant personalities just through these few short days.  Gamma Rho is keeping true to the meaning spirit and reality of Phi Mu.

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