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Monday, August 8, 2011

"My Phi Mu Girl"-Kappa Gamma chapter

Troy University-Troy, AL

These past couple of days have been absolutely amazing!  The ladies of Phi Mu-Kappa Gamma chapter welcomed me with open arms.   

The Kappa Gamma chapter has been busy with Spirit Week leading up to Recruitment.  Days are filled with painting the big wooden letters, updating and cleaning the house, reviewing conversation for each party round, visiting with alumni, bonding during meals, and singing and dancing until their Phi Mu heart is content.

Even painting lolli pops...thats for you Hara Henshell.

Just a swinging on the Phi Mu porch :)

At Northwestern we did not have bedrooms in our chapter house.  Finally, I have been able to experience true sorority life by staying in the beautiful Kappa Gamma-Phi Mu house.

I absolutely LOVE their t-shirt board.  This board has wonderful memories shared between the sisters each year.  T-shirts are a chapter favorite here at Kappa Gamma.

Spirit Week has been phi-tastic!  These ladies have worked so hard and I just know they are ready for a wonderful recruitment.  They will soon welcome new Phis into our sisterhood.

Missing my fellow consultants oh so much!!!! Hugs and Kisses.

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