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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Communication sounds like this...

I get this blog sent to my email every time it is updated.  Today was about the strengths from a strength finders test.  Before we hit HQ for consultant training they sent us the strength finders book so we could fill out the test and receive results.  So I went on the website to review my results.  I then found my personalized guide which led further into my strengths on all different levels of focus.  One of my strengths is Communication. It says Communication sounds like this...

Sheila K., general manager of a theme park: “Stories are the best way to make my point. Yesterday I wanted to show my executive committee the impact we can have on our guests, so I shared this story with them: One of our employees brought her father to the flag-raising ceremony we have for Veterans Day here at the theme park. He was disabled during World War II, and he now has a rare form of cancer and has had a lot of surgery. He’s dying. At the start of the ceremony, one of our employees said to the group, ‘This man is a World War II veteran. Can we give him a hand?’ Everybody cheered, and his daughter started crying. Her dad took off his hat. He never takes off his hat because of the scars on his head from the war and the cancer surgery, but when the national anthem started, he took off his hat and bowed his head. His daughter told me later that it was the best day he’s had in years.”

Tom P., banking executive: “My most recent client thought that the flow of capital toward Internet stocks was just a passing phase. I tried using a rational argument to change his mind, but he couldn’t or wouldn’t be convinced. In the end, as I often do when faced with a client in denial, I resorted to imagery. I told him that he was like a person sitting on a beach with his back to the sea. The Internet was like a fast-rising tide. No matter how comfortable he felt right now, the tide was rising with each crashing wave, and very soon, one of those waves would come crashing down over his head and engulf him. He got the point.”


Margret D., marketing director: “I once read a book about giving speeches that gave two suggestions: Talk only about things you’re really passionate about, and always use personal examples. I immediately started doing that, and I found lots of stories because I have kids and grandkids and a husband. I build my stories around my personal experiences because everyone can relate to them.”


I love the last example.  Communication is much easier when it is made personal.  When talking to the chapters I do my best to share stories and be passionate every day.  This journey is a learning experience.  I am learning from the chapters, individual girls, and myself daily.  I am learning how to communicate effectively.

I miss my chapter consultant friends so much!
I tried communicating with my parents last night via facetime.  We had some wifi issues, BUT I did get to see my girl ROSE! and BUNNY! gosh I miss them.  Much love to the fam.

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