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Friday, September 2, 2011

Bama baby:)

So after an extremely rough visit back home, I hit the road again.  Well hit the sky/air/plane/beautiful space way up high that God created.  Before the visit home I flew every three days.  Which means I have slept in a different bed every three days.  Yes that is right!  I've slept in the sorority house, hotels, chapter member's houses, adviser's houses, air mattresses, 4H camp sites, couches...

The two nights that I had my own bed, pillows, and Rosebell to myself were absolutely glorious! Although, I was ready to start work again.  I flew to Mobile...crazy I know...everyone said I should have just rented a car and driven.  That is not how Phi Mu rolls so I hopped a plane to ATL (my home away from home airport) then to Mobile.  Ahhh the great state of Alabama! Where football is a passion, the tea is sweet, and all the boys are fratty.  Gosh I love it in Bama. 

Agenda for the first night: Pledging...How exciting!  I met the Phi Adviser Race.  Oh what a dedicated Phi Mu she is.  Race was among the Milsapp College chapter and initiated in 1948! Oh how cool is that!?  She was so inspiring.  I loved listening to her stories of when she was in the chapter and how much she wants to preserve Phi Mu Ritual.  She has received her 50th year alumnae pin and is working on her 75th.  It is her goal and I certainly hope she accomplishes it. I sure hope Erin Shocklee, Madison Wakefield, Megan Berthelot, Megan Cullen, and Jessi Nuss along with all of the other Omega sisters and I get to celebrate our 50th alumnae year and then go out to BINGO! I love that Phi Mu is forever.  

This is Race dressed up in her white for pledging.
The girls at Kappa Omega-University of South Alabama have been awesome.  They definitely showed me the town!  And might I add that I love Mobile...just love it!

Me and Bienville Square.  Downtown Mobile was  absolutely beautiful!  

We played with the squirrels in Bienville Square.  They were so cute and fun!  I can't believe they ate right out of our hands.  I could have fed them all day long!

One of the sister's family had a tailgating area for the first game of the season.  His wife happened to be from Patterson, LA and she had made Jambalaya! It was so good.  I love cajun food so much.

This is South Paw the Jaguar...aka Zach (Gabby's friend)

The first visit back on the job was terrific!  God blessed me.

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