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Monday, August 22, 2011

Embracing change

Change is extremely difficult to embrace.
I remember those rehearsals during School House Rock Live! When Pia Wyatt (Ahh I miss her so much) would say...."Okay everyone embrace the change.  Reach out your arms and embrace it...because it's gonna happen!" This is something I am trying to teach to the chapters I visit.

It is not Easy!
Just like in your regular lives you get into a routine or pattern and then something happens and there is a wrench thrown into the mix!  Not cool.  Well as a consultant I am like that wrench.

My job as a consultant is to visit the chapters in Phi Mu land and help any way possible.  That could be completely changing things around for some chapters.  Hmmm there is that word change again :)  All in all it is to help the chapter grow as a whole.

I am still learning.  It is a process.  I have to pick my battles.  BUT let me just say I am having an amazing time on the road!  It is so amazing to see what other chapters are doing out their in Phi Mu Land.   Every chapter is unique and special in their own way.

I told my Dad, "Phi Mu chapters are a lot like vet clinics.  Some have huge signs with virtual screeny things and others are small houses in the middle of no where with just a small wooden sign."

No matter the chapter, no matter the ladies, it is still Phi Mu.  My passion.  And I am so proud of all of the women who have embraced the change.


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