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Thursday, August 11, 2011

How sweet it is...

It's my first full day at Valdosta State University.  
Today's recruitment theme is Sisterhood day. 


 Of course Phi Mu is Sweet on Sisterhood!
Today makes me really miss my Kappa Iota ladies.
The Kappa Beta chapter has a slideshow for their party today 
that has pictures of events from the entire year!

Reminiscing on Sisterhood has been a great day!
I'm so proud of the Kappa Beta ladies.  
They have done a wonderful job today at recruitment.  
They have been in heels for about 8 hours now.  
The things we do during recruitment.  
Talk about sacrifice....just kidding.

Finding that bond with someone is so rare.  
     Each and every sorority woman knows that it is something special. 
That special bond has amazing possibilities!

Today I feel so proud of my KB and KG ladies :)
I'm still thinking about  Troy.
Today was skit day!
Man did I have fun with that one!


AHHH YES....How SWEET it is to be a PHI MU!

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