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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

exactly where God wants me to be

sums it all up

As I sit here and reflect on yesterday and think about all of the craziness the day brought, I open an email from a dear friend.

The email was one of those forward chain types.  It has lots of pictures.  Each sentence is a different color.  Eye catching and attention grabbing.  As I read it, I kept thinking to myself...does she know about my crazy day? Is this why she is sending it to me?

So I text her....the reply was nope just sent it because I know you like those sweet sentimental emails sometimes.

Wow!  Does God have perfecting timing or what?

My friend Erin sent me an email at the perfect time about God's timing.

Great song...that fits perfectly

To sum up the email:

When you are having a rough day because the little things in life are annoying you, know that it is God's plan to happen that way.  Each day we live out life they way he has it all mapped out and planned for us.  

So when I almost missed my flight to Cleveland, then sat on the plane for 30 minutes before it took off because the break pad on a wheel was getting changed, my luggage didn't make the correct plane so had to be delivered to the University, my driver got lost in downtown Cleveland, we took the wrong exit and had to turn around...it was all God's timing. 

Of course I got frustrated.  What human wouldn't? But now I realize that God is at work watching over me.  His angels surround me 24/7.  He knows my thoughts and prayers and would never let anything harm me.  

It is the little things in life that he uses as signals to get life back in focus...although at times I am so distracted.  I now realize, especially with this job because I have seen it too many times just in these last few months, I am exactly where God wants me to be.  

Video is from Country Strong
First blog title: Timing is everything

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