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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yep that just happened!

I must must MUST share this story...

Saw this...couldn't resist!

Where to begin? Well...the chapter finished preference round, cleaned up, and set up for bid.  It is now about midnight and we are hungry.  Where do we go in Russellville that is still open? Waffle House.

4 sweet little Phi Mu ladies and myself head out for some delicious food at awful waffle (nickname they gave it)...Kirsten, Sarah Jo, Ashleigh, Clair, and myself are glad to celebrate a fantastic week of recruitment....

You know I'm not knockin' sketchy truck stop places (Love me some Sammy's truck stop in Bunkie) by any means, but that is exactly what this place turned out to be.

We sat down at the "counter" as if it was an old fashion soda shop.  Our feet could not reach the floor.  It's like we were kids again.  I ordered the All Start special :) I was hungry!!!!

Since we were so close to the kitchen we basically were sitting on top of the dirty dishes.  I looked up to see one of the wait staff standing there.  Her name tag reads "Bubblez"...no joke!  Then bubblez decides to squirt us with the dirty dish water and it covers the table.

Now I have to ask for an new orange juice.

While we are waiting on our food the wait staff decides to have some fun.  Meaning squirt whipped creme on each other and run around the restaurant. Oh and let me not forget that Bubblez cracked an egg on Tara's leg (our waitress) and shove some butter in the cook's ear.

WHAT WERE WE STILL DOING THERE?...eating I guess. The grits were good.

They ask for our Tech id's well I don't have one...so I made one up. T01001219 (the T part is the normal Tech info, but the 1219 would be Jack Shelby's birthday combined with mine)

OH yes...this is all still true.

By this time Clari has told me that it was my fault for choosing Waffle house...oh about 10 times!

It takes forever to check out....and poor Kristi the only normal waitress is completely miserable.  We all feel so bad for her that she had to stay there and we didn't.

We are about to leave and what happens?  A FIGHT! well almost.  Yes a true fist throwing fight almost breaks out at the Russellville Waffle House.

Why does this happen? Who knows!!!! So the waitresses turn into bouncers and try to stop this.  The cops are called and we are literally sitting in the middle of this craziness.

Clair pulls out her taser.  I didn't realize that girls really carried those these days.

The guys outside are tapping on the glass windows saying, "come out side bleep bleep bleep" ahhhh at this point I was just trying to get these girls out of here.

So of course I had to say something, "Please don't let them come in here.  There are ladies in here"...

A few minutes later we paid and got out the heck out of dodge! Then as we are leaving the Russellville cops show up.

Cop: Rolls down the window "Excuse me did you ladies have anything to do with this civil dispute?"
Cop: "Have a nice night"

Whew!!! We were outta there and on our way back to safe zone.  The Phi Mu house! :)

worst of all...I never got my waffle :(

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  1. This is hilarious...I almost peed my pants. Only you would have this happen to you...so FUNNY!!! And I also LOVE ME SOME SAMMY'S TRUCK STOP! Especially after church on Sunday...your Dad and my favorite new eating place...grilled chicken breast and a baked potato. Love and miss you Ju...and Why am I the only one who ever writes on your wall????