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Sunday, September 4, 2011

History in the making...

Wow!  I can't believe I was apart of history while visiting University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  On Saturday they played their first ever football game!  I was a little over whelmed.  The game was at the Alamo Dome! (It had AC woohoo!)  This Texas heat is NOT like back home in Louisiana.  It is so dry here and very brown...but that is okay because my visit has been awesome!

The Alamo Dome is not on campus or even near it!  It is downtown San Antonio!  We arrive at campus to purchase our golden coins that allows us to get on the shuttle.  Well the shuttle was a nice long ride to the dome.  I actually got to catch up with my consultant roomie Cindy Maupin.  She was sitting in the airport and I was on a bus...consultants are always traveling! ALWAYS!

We arrive at the Dome which is already filled btw...stand in the long line to get in.  I was a "student" that day (wink) in my Panhellenic shirt.  Six teams.  One Dream.  Go Greek!

It was a mad house.  I heard that 57,000 people attended the game which broke a record for the attendance at an augural football game!  It was awesome/crazy/nuts/loud/so much fun!!!!

and guess what The Runners Won! So I learned the chants that the band said, "Go Runners. Go Runners.  Go Runners. UTSA. Gooooo Runners!"  I love sitting next to the band.  
They always have the best time.  

Oh I was ready to get ROWDY! 
Well since I am talking about the football game I must talk about the Cheerleaders because you know that is what I was watching half the time.  Just a habit...judge the cheerleaders...right Morgan Michalek?  Well UTSA has 2 squads.  Co-ed and then an all girls squad.  Man were they good.  I could have watched them stunt all day long.  They were doing some crazy stuff, but they looked great!  

I am glad I got to be at the game.  Since it was the first one!  Now it is time to get back to Recruitment...oh yeah that is still going on! ha :)

Found this while pinning...just wanted to share...love love love!

Random I know...

5 out of the 6 chapters at UTSA have consultants here...pretty cool.  We have visited each room like a mass herd of cattle.  The one chapter that doesn't have a consultant seems frustrated with us...but we can't help it!  ha. It has been so nice to hang out with them while here.  Only consultants know each other's struggles.  Got to love consultant life!

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