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Saturday, September 24, 2011

a few firsts

This week has had a few firsts for me...
fitting since it is now fall!

I must say thank you to Northwestern State University for not having as crappy living facilities as I thought.  My freshman year I had my own bedroom and bathroom, actually that was a first since I shared with ole j-fletch my entire life.  I lived with a Phi Mu roomie and of course had the best time in UP (University Place) aka the freshmen dwelling.  This past week I have gotten the true dormitory experience. The two Phi Mu chapters I am visiting in Ohio have sorority suites.  cool right?  I do wish NSU would have had that.  I have had to learn a few things!

  1. How to NOT slam the door.  The doors in the dorm are so heavy and loud, I think the entire campus can probably hear it shuts slams.  
  2. Proper etiquette for community showers.  Yes this is a FIRST for me.  Well except when I stayed at church camp in the 6th grade at LA Tech, but that doesn't count.
  3. There is a gas station called Sheetz (love things that end on a Z...remember Bubblez?) that is open 24/7 and it is better than McDonalds and Taco Bell combined! A college student's dream at 3am :)
  4. How much I miss my own bed.  These dorm room beds are just not cutting it.   
Learning how to live in the dorm has been fun and interesting!

I felt like a lost freshman the other day when it was pouring down raining, my phi mu raincoat on and Vera Bradley umbrella in hand; I asked some random student, "Could you tell me where the union is?"....it has been 4 weeks of school here.  He probably thought I was definitely a lost freshman!

No worries I found the right place :)

Ohio has been cold since I have been here.  First day of fall and it is in the 60s! What? This is not Louisiana weather! Can't wait to be home on Sunday!

I get to see MOM, DAD, ROSEBELL (of course the most important), LILLI, IZZY, AND BUNNY! Oh and the bff RARA!

Me and Rara- BHS Homecoming 2006
Mawmaw and pawpaw day!
I'm pretty sure there will be a John Fletcher Ribeye on the table when I get home...ahh the good life!
If we all could be this cute :)

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  1. OMG...your dad looks YOUNG!!! AND has dark hair ...hahaha love it!!!