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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Airport adventures-HOTLANTA!

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Back to work here I come!  I was so excited to get back on the road.  Everything in this story is completely true and crazy and detailed.  I am not a great story teller as most of my close friends know, but I just have to share my crazy day yesterday (which basically bled into this morning...you'll see) with all of you.

So I get in the duck mobile all ready to hit the airport.  New songs downloaded on the iphone and it is plugged in ready to go! List for the day...

Miranda Lambert: Four the Record
Kelly Clarkson: Stronger
Rihanna: Talk that Talk
Lil Wayne: Tha Carter IV

Get to AEX to meet Meme and Pop so they can take the car.  Everything was fine/on time/usual until I get to Atlanta. Hot lanta stands for HOT MESS!

I get off the plane look for the next gate for my flight to Greensboro and it is in the same concourse! Score! So I grab a chicken sandwich from Wendy's and find my gate.  Of course it is full so I go to the other side to eat lunch and I start working on my reports while I wait.

Then the flight gets delayed...great!

I'm listening to Rihanna as this guy taps me on the shoulder and honestly scares the mess out of me! So I jump up and realize oh he is just trying to talk to me.

So this is how the conversation goes down

Pilot: I didn't mean to scare you
Me: It's okay I scare easily.
Pilot: You scare easily?
Me: yeah you like in movies when things jump out at you.
Pilot: oh okay did I bring you in on the AEX flight?
Me: yeah I think you did.
Pilot: thought so
Me: Well sit down (at this point I didn't know what to do and he was still standing)
Me: Hi I'm Julie
Pilot: Hi I'm %@$$#@@ ( you know for privacy purposes hahah)

so we talked for a few minutes and of course I asked him how he became a pilot!!!! :)

THEN my phone rings and it is Megan #phimucc...we both realize that we are in the airport and THEN I realized I never see the gate across the way change the destination on the screen for the next flight which is suppose to leave at 3:48pm. (look at my phone it is 3:48pm)

so I throw my blazer back on (which is hot pink and super precious I might add) and say goodbye to the Pilot...well he hands this piece of paper and says, "I wanted to give you this earlier".  So I reply, "ok thank you" and run down to the gate (which had been changed and my delta app did not tell me this!)

I get there and the door is closed.  Finally a lady comes out...
Me: Did I miss this flight?
Delta lady: Are you Julie?
Me: yes ma'am 
DL: where were you?
Me: I didn't know the gate change.
DL: oh okay let me see what I can do.
Me: sure take your time...(might as well now)

In the mean time Megan and I exchange about 5 phone calls where we talked for two seconds and then said "let me call you back"...so funny! I finally open the piece of paper the pilot gives me and it is his name and number. OMG this never happens to me!!!!!!

Alrighty booked on another flight.  Walk down to see Megan.  Show the piece of paper.  Share a flip out/OMG/ahh I can't believe you are here moment then say goodbye since her plane was leaving.  Now it is on to Concourse D for the new flight.

Get there...Delayed flight.  Delayed flight.  Gate change.  Delayed flight.  Delayed flight.  Seriously this happened.  I was suppose to get into Greensboro at 4:30 pm I didn't get there until 9:30!

courtesy of pinterest

I hand the guy my boarding pass as he scans it, he hands me a seat change.  GREAT another thing changed...just my luck for the day. Then I realize it is D which means window seat! SCORE!
Get on the plane and what do I do?...pass up the seat because it was in First class! Oh yes first class again!  Thank you Delta airlines.  This has been a day and I appreciate the hospitality!

So the lady asks if I'd like a drink while we wait and what do I say? COKE PLEASE! :)
Oh I got goldfish again too...yummy.

Arrive.  Eat.  Get to the Phi Mu house...super nice! This campus is like Disneyland for colleges.  So pretty.  

Think the story is over? NOPE!

Watching Friday Night Lights before I go to bed...get thirsty, so I go to the kitchen for some OJ.
and I LOCK MYSELF OUT OF THE ROOM! (the doors automatically lock so this happens frequently they say, but did not tell me this earlier in the night)

Picture this: me standing there with no phone at 2:30 am locked out! This is just the cherry to the cake!

So I creep up the stairs to where the girl's rooms are and knock on the door thinking gosh they are going to think I am stupid.  Anyway I hear giggling from one room and they open up and call security for me!

Finally in bed safe and sound.  Exhausted from the day, but can't sleep...typical.

Oh the adventures I encounter!

......Thanks for reading-ju


  1. LOL crazy story. Cant say I've ever had such an adventure at an airport before.


  2. So, did you ever call the pilot?!