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Friday, November 4, 2011

Be a leader not a follower

So I was thinking tonight about what I wanted my next blog post to be about and I think I found the perfect thing...she might hate me for this, but I did it anyway!

I haven't talked much about the other consultants on my blog because I don't get to see them very often.  Although I talk to them all the time via text/facebook/twitter/the occasional email. ha Anyway as I was catching up on some fashion blogs that I follow I came across this blog from one of the consultants and it was perfect.

Well said Megan.  So jealous that you got to go to church while you were home.  I get home Sunday afternoon to B town :( gosh I miss going to church so much.  Especially singing! I hope I get to sing at church while I am home for Christmas break!!!

It is great to know that you are not just my phi mu sister, but a sister in Christ.  loved your blog post...so glad you shared it with the world.  Thank you!

Enjoy the blog...


Favorite parts:
1. Deep impact and lasting influence
2. Leadership recession
3. Submissive=willing to yield. teachable (LOVE THIS)
4. What will you choose?

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