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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beautiful Mountain

It was a rainy day in Nashville.  Definitely not the best day for a cute outfit, but whatever I had a wonderful day even though the rain kept coming down!  These past few days in Tennessee have been a pleasure to be here.  I am so blessed for this opportunity.  Visiting the Kappa Pi and Theta chapters continue to reassure me in the fact that I am right where God wants me.  Although it is so scary every day to think about the future.

While I was home in B town I took the GRE.  All I have to say is that I made it out alive.  No seriously.  To be honest with myself, I am not very happy with my score.  I have time for improvements though.  Now I know what to do and how to really take the test.  Mastering the skills of just taking the test is half the battle.

Now that I am in Nashville and getting the opportunity to see some of the city I. AM. IN. LOVE! Seriously.  The city is fantastic!  Belmont University is wonderful as well.  I would have fit right in to this school.  So picture this...Me a theatre major but sorority girl in the same breath...uncommon at most schools. Well they have tons of sisters who are in the Music and Theatre departments here.  Belmont is like hipster meets southern belle.  It would be perfect for me...except the price :( ha!

Tonight I had a wonderful dinner with the chapter adviser.  She was so pleasant to be with and had great advice!  Of course, what is the number one thing people ask me? What do you want to do after being a consultant? Well my answer is fuzzy right now.

yes.  I want to go to grad school!  I need to go to grad school.  Where? I don't know! When? I don't know that either...would people just stop asking me :)  One thing that Becky had to say that I really appreciated was this, "It's not the fear that you have but it is what you do with it"

I am no scared of where to go and what to do. Going to Northwestern and studying Theatre was easy.  At least the decision was easy to make.  Being in Phi Mu was an even easier decision.  Applying to be a consultant was an easy decision.  Now it is like...What do I do!?

She helped me realize that I have so many options.  

I can go to grad school.
I can be a Greek Adviser.
I can be involved in theatre.
I could be a consultant for another year.

All of this is possible.  I just need to figure out where I want to go...

Nashville has tons of theatre options.  Plus country music! You all know I love that!  Vanderbilt has a Higher Ed/Student Affairs program. It could happen.

I am definitely looking into it.  Say a prayer for me folks that I find peace in my decision.

Enjoy these pictures from my Belmont visit...
Belmont stands for Beautiful Mountain.  The home looks out over downtown Nashville.

Belmont Mansion
center of campus
even prettier inside!

Original gazebo
now historical landmarks and cannot be moved from campus

The mansion has four lion statues on the front of the home

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