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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

college or resort?


This was my view during my meetings with the exec team
oh and to watch the VS fashion show!
great view right!?

precious art work in the University Center.
too funny :)

This campus is beautiful!  HPU is on everything...as you can see here on the umbrellas.

Campus is filled with wonderful Christmas decorations

great quotes to give some inspiration as you walk to class!

Oh hello Shakespeare! Is this seat taken?

High Point University is absolutely stunning!  I just fell in love with the farmer's market on campus.  I even got a pair of earrings out of it.  The lady at the register where they swipe their student cards stopped us one day and gave me some silver earrings!  This job really has amazing opportunities and is a blessing.  I cannot help but be thankful!

And the fireplace...every meeting was held right there.  I mean who wouldn't meet by the fire!? :)

Sorry to everyone who reads my blog...been slacking lately.  It doesn't help that I am home. :)
More to come soon...promise!

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