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Monday, February 6, 2012

Southern Sass!

It was so nice to be back in the central time zone!  Crazy thing is I actually flew into Shreveport then drove to the school in Arkansas.  Magnolia, Arkansas has the most precious little square filled with wonderful shops!  Found mom a birthday present while I was there.  I had a blast getting to know this chapter.  We cooked spaghetti, listened to Rihanna, had way too much fast food, ate at the best local places, watched the Kardashians during the day, problem solved at night, and had so much fun!  This visit was just great!! It was bitter sweet to leave, but I was going HOME to LA babbbbbyyyy!

Enjoy the pics from the week of Recruitment!

Epsilon Omicron chapter decked out in dresses and hats!  We are all ready for the races!

Here I am with the President-Megan and Adviser-Whitney
we had some fun with these letters 

To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand...
Philanthropy Day: Dr. Seuss themed

Fish bowls were used as the centerpiece...
I took this pictures using instagram :)
Cool huh?

OH I am soooo ready to meet the new members!
Bring on the phis!

Hurry HOME!

The group patiently waiting...


Lost a balloon...what to do?
Cheer stunt! always works!

Oh my sweet President Megan!
oh by the way we both LOVE musicals!

Spring 2012 pledge class
missing one sister who was playing in the basketball game
I have been home the last couple of days and I am loving it.  Mom and I went to the movies for her birthday and had dinner with dad at Copelands! Oh talk about delicious!

until next time...

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