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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fast and the furious!

Wow!  I am really behind on blog postings....this is not good.  Things have been super crazy lately since it is recruitment season.  Recruitment season in the spring is still something I am getting use to!  Since DC I've been in Montgomery, AL/ Newport New, VA/ Wilson, NC/ York, PA/ Elon, NC/ and now I am currently in Magnolia, AR!  Traveling is so crazy...Its basically like I am on auto pilot when I am at the airport now.

Check in-Security-Find my gate-Call Dad {mom I would call you but you can't talk in class anymore :(} then get on the plane and sleep!  These past couple of flights I have been out before we even take off!  It is definitely a skill you acquire while traveling.

This month has past by so fast! Here are some pictures that have yet to make facebook/twitter!

So far away in York, PA! I love taking these pictures to see how far I am from HOME!

Phi Mu house at York College-Phi Eta Chapter 

Found this amazing piano at the market in York.  I absolutely love it!

Had to take a pictures with some snow on the ground!  PA had snow everywhere! I was completely culture shocked!

Took this picture while on the plane (not sure which one) but I thought the clouds looked particularly pretty :)

Every where I go I attempt to take pictures and send them to Jack of the Kappa Sigma houses.  At Elon college Phi Mu and Kappa Sigma are neighbors just like at NSU.

my third and final suitcase of the original pink collection is broken!  This tape is holding it together.  It sounds terrible because it is broken at the bottom and scrapes the ground as I walk.  Wonderful!  I have already filed a claim and just need FedEx to pick it up in B town!!
My last couple of visits have been super busy but great!  I cannot wait to show everyone the pictures from my visit to Magnolia Arkansas home of the Epsilon Omicron chapter at Southern Arkansas University!  Go Muleriders!  :)

until next time...

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