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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Club Swing

While I was home the last time I had the wonderful opportunity to have a hot date!...with my Pawpaw :)

It was so much fun.  We headed down to Baton Rouge to see a show called Club Swing, but on the way down we took a little detour to see the new bridge in St. Francesville, LA.  Pawpaw said, "If a bridge can be pretty this bridge is certainly pretty" and I definitely agree with him!

We also had a great dinner!  Dad always teases me about taking me out to eat at Burger King.  So when Pawpaw and I went on the trip Dad said, "Make sure you get him to take you somewhere nicer than Burger King"... so when we stopped at a red light and this was to our right I just could not resist taking a picture!

The show was great and so was the company.  Wanted to share the pictures of the bridge...thanks to instagram I think they look pretty cool!

Until next time...

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