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Monday, February 27, 2012


When I visited the University of Missouri I had a surprise the first morning I woke up...it was completely white outside!  Definitely a winter wonderland!  I had never seen as much snow before in my life.  I always tell the story to chapter members about when Northwestern closed my junior year for one day and called it a SNOW DAY!....They would have seriously laughed at the pitiful amount of snow on the ground! 

It was a great visit. I even was able to help the chapter out with their lipsync competition.  Their theme was Chicago! Gosh I just loved it.

The student union was probably the nicest I have ever seen.  I must say it was interesting being on a campus with the mascot of a tiger and it not be LSU! It is crazy that there are 3 schools in the SEC as the tigers! I sure hope MIZZOU is ready to be a part of the south!

Enjoy the photos

In Tiger Plaza with Truman...who had feathers in his mouth from the game against Kansas City.

Picture from the front porch of the Phi Mu house..

The sweet Alumni chapter from St. Louis brought candy for the Chi chapter in honor of Valentine's Day!
Too sweet :)

I should have made a snow angel! 

I had to leave on Valentine's Day, but I am very excited to be visiting again soon in the next two weeks! Missouri here I come!

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