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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

february 14

As Valentine's Day approached I was completely content with the fact that my day will be quite different.  Waking up early in the morning and tracking through tons of snow in Missouri to get to the airport (2 hours away) seemed to be on the agenda.  My flight was not until 12:45, but I was able to get on an earlier flight at 10 since I was there much earlier.  I was exhausted!  I fell asleep before the plane even took off the ground.  When I woke up and we were back on land the lady sitting next to me said, "Well you certainly had a good nap."  Well yes I did....traveling through Atlanta feels like home now.  I am use to the train, terminal D, and Smoothie King (which I always get while passing through)...everything seemed pretty normal for a travel day.  I finally make it to Montgomery and reach my home away from home.  The Tilly residence.  I love coming to Montgomery!  I feel a sense of peace every time I am back...well the big fluffy bed and my own bathroom does help a little bit.  Mrs. Tilly and I are catching up but the door bell rings so she goes to answer the door.  She walks back in the room with a box that says flowers.com.  So I immediately say, "Aw Mrs. Tilly you shouldn't have!!!" and her reply is, "Well I didn't".  Hmmm who would have sent me flowers!?  The only person I could think of that would send me flowers in a box would be my good ole daddy!  Well sure enough I open the box and find the card that reads, "luv ya, dad"...he always spells it that way!  :) Every year while at Northwestern he would send flowers in a box.  I loved it!  It was kind of like the usual thing to expect on February 14.  Although I DID NOT EXPECT it this year!

So I finally got the story behind the flowers!

I didn't even know where I was going to be last Wednesday so he called my boss in Peachtree City to find out where I was going to be.  She gave him the address to Mrs. Tilly's house, but he didn't want to send it there.  He thought oh let me just send it to the Phi Mu house.  Well Theta Kappa doesn't have a chapter house on campus (but he didn't know that) so he searches on the website and finds the email address for the chapter officers.  He sent them emails about wanting to send me something for Valentine's Day and they all tell him to send it to Mrs. Tilly's.  He then emails Mrs. Tilly and she tells him...look we don't even know if Julie is going to be here (this is before I received my schedule) and he tells her, "I have talked to Peachtree and they told me she would be here." Funny thing is I can see and hear dad doing exactly this while he is telling me the story!

I am so proud of my sweet dad to go through so much work just to send me some flowers on this day!  I know a lot of people think Valentine's Day is cheesy, but it was really sweet to get something especially since I am not at home or even in one place anymore.

This was such a great story I had to share!  Hope you all liked it.  Dad did good.  Luv ya! :)

So I had fun with instagram...what do you think?


I also made a Valentine's Day playlist in the airport...enjoy

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
Soldier of Love by Sade       
Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion      
Always the Love Songs by Eli Young Band
Bold As Love by John Mayer           
Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley           
Come On Get Higher (Live) by Sugarland
First Love by Adele
How to Love by Lil Wayne   
Love Don't Let Me Down by Chris Young & Patty Loveless         
Love Letters by Miranda Lambert 
Love Makes Me by Hunter Hayes   
Love On The Rocks by Sara Bareilles         
Love On Top by Beyonce     
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Lovesong by Adele   
Make You Fell My Love by Adele    
My Heart Beats for Love by Miley Cyrus   
One Sweet Love by Sara Bareilles
One, Two, I Love You by Clay Walker                    
The Power Of Love by Celine Dion            
Remind Me (Duet with Carrie Underwood) by Brad Paisley     
She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5     
Silly Love Songs by The Warblers  
Somebody To Love by cast of Glee
We Found Love (cover) by Boyce Avenue

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