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Thursday, August 2, 2012

all packed up

Today is the day....we are headed to Hattiesburg, MS! (goodbye to the boot) The whole fam is helping out with moving ALL OF MY JUNK. I have everything in boxes ready to be loaded in the U-Haul.  These past few days have been crazy!  My car is loaded down with my closet.  I almost cannot see out of the back just from clothes! Mom and I have been last minute painting and DIY crafting.  I can't wait to upload pics of my new apartment.  When I first decided to live in a one bedroom by myself we went on a pinterest kick to find some inspiration for the look I wanted.  Hopefully everything will come together perfectly. Say a little prayer as we caravan to Hatties and look forward to some apartment pics coming soon!


I can't wait to get my key and add a little glitter!!!

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