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Sunday, August 26, 2012

duck fest 2012

Friday morning I woke up to a ton of facebook notifications!  Most of them were junk, but a few special people wanted me to change my profile picture to a picture of when I was the Duck Festival Queen.  I represented the city of Gueydan in 2007! 5 years ago...I have yet to visit the festival since I gave up my title.  After a little peer pressure I decided to go!

Finally after a four hour drive back to Gueydan I was ready to hit the festival.  There was a bit of a hiccup because it was pouring down raining!  I mean raining cats and dogs!  If you could have seen me driving once I got there it was pretty hilarious.  Picture me scrunched over and eyes squinting....okay so maybe it is not that funny and more dangerous.  ANYWAY, the rain finally let up and I was able to get to the festival ground.

Let me just say that it is not the Duck Festival if it is not pouring down raining one day and then boiling hot the next!  I jumped in my car with my umbrella and raincoat, but not my rain boots or tennis shoes.  So the solution was to visit the local Dollar General and find shoes.  I assumed they would have boots or tennis shoes.  No!  They have nothing in my size except a pair of black $1 flip flops.  Good thing no one really cares what is on your feet at the festival.  I did not even bring them back to Hattiesburg.  Those disgusting flip flops are probably still on Mrs. Judy's steps.

Friday night we danced the night away at the Festival.  The Chee Weez played.  They are a cover band who played lots of 80s music, pop, and even a little country!  They dressed up and had costumes. Their set was pretty legit.  The keyboard was on a spinning platform and they had a huge screen with live video feed and other videos they played during the set.  All in all Friday night was a blast!

Saturday was the BIG day!  We had interviews, the actual pageant, and the parade.  It had certainly been a while since I had even attended a pageant.  It was great to see old friends and be a part of a wonderful tradition that is the Duck Festival.

Enjoy the pictures!

2012 Duck Festival T-shirt
they had so many colors of shirts to choose from

Picture of the crowd from the hospitality booth

koozie love

love me some Mischa!
2005 Duck Queen duo
She was the miss queen and I was teen

Madison the outgoing Queen
the last time I saw her she wasn't even in high school!

past queen Angelle wearing the mallard duck as a hat
She thinks she could wear it to a Royal wedding in London

past queen Angelle

past queen Hannah

past queen Jessie

We love our Director Mrs. Judy!

All the past queens that were at the pageant

I just had to put on the crown!
ouch...I feel the dent coming back already

Duck float...loved riding in this thing.
People would take pictures as were were driving down the highway with it
so hilarious!

Just a little side note...my suv is called the Duckmobile and it is all from my crazy year as the Duck Queen!  AHHHH one of the BEST years of my life!

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