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Monday, August 20, 2012

turtle on a fencepost

I am not normally one to express my heart felt feelings through facebook, but there is a life lesson that I want to share with whoever reads this.  First and foremost let me say that I have been truly blessed by my parents.  They have instilled in me morals, values, and faith.  They have taught me how to be kind and generous to people and more importantly to be loyal.  My dad has always told me the story of "the turtle on a fence post"...I tried to google it and found out that there is an actual book titled this, but haven't read it.

The story goes as remembered:
The physical make up of the turtle does not allow itself to get up on the fence post.  So how does he get there? Well he has help from someone else.  Someone has to pick the turtle up and place him on the fence post.

My moral to this story is that in life we have many times where we need help, but because as humans we are too prideful we want to accomplish things on our own.

Well let me tell you something... YOU. CANNOT. DO. IT. ALONE.
No way possible.

Think about all of the successful people that you admire.  They did not achieve their success by themselves.  It takes a small army to reach your goals and that is completely okay.

I challenge you the fearless ones who are reading to ask for help.  Don't be afraid to get advice from others no matter how honest it might be.  With the help of other people you will achieve so much more.

Pretend you are the turtle...now that you had help and are on top of the fencepost, the sky is the limit!


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