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Thursday, August 9, 2012

the new apartment

Finally, I am all moved into my apartment.  After a four hour drive, sleeping on the floor the first night, sweating our butts off in this southern heat, and a couple days later it is all finished.  Well, most of it. ha! My brother and dad came along for the manual labor part :) Then they left Saturday afternoon.  Mom and I have been all over the city searching every store we could find to finalize the apartment.  I have a few projects I am going to work on myself.  Cross your fingers I get it done.

Okay so now for the anticipated pics of the new apartment...

I just had to take a picture inside the U-haul....or should I say sweat box?

All loaded up and ready to go!  4 hours here we come!

The boys hanging out before we grab some grub at the local burger place : Mugshots!
Those two weren't bored at all...not even a little bit.

Kitchen...the place where spaghetti (prego out of the jar), mac-n-cheese, eggs, and cereal will be made :) I think that is about all this chef can handle!

Mom found this table on one of the facebook sale sites.  We sanded it down and stained the top then painted the legs.  It turned out great!  Closer up pics will come soon.

I am in love with that we decided to do for the wall by the kitchen table.  The 'paint chip' canvases are simple and fun.  Something you don't see everyday.  I also love the quatrefoil mirror found on sale for $12! The key hole piece I found at Hobby Lobby and just love what it represents for my new apartment. I am going to add something photos in the wooden frame, maybe.  In the black frame I want to have the outline of LA and MS and small hearts placed where Bunkie and Hattiesburg are located.  

Mom and I came up with the idea of the fleur de lis frames which use to be in my room as something else.  Also we found that amazing quatrefoil clock at Kirkland's in Hattiesburg.

My room :) I found that huge mirror at Marshalls for a steal since everything I liked at Hobby Lobby was over $300...uh no thank you!

Mom and I had a bit of difficulty with the curtains which are really table cloths.  We saw the idea on pinterest...well they didn't tell you that some of the table cloths aren't cut straight.  We figured it out and now they are perfect.

I saw the monogram burlap frames on pinterest and just had to remake my own version.  
I also absolutely love my west elm duvet cover and Ralph Lauren fitted sheet.  I don't sleep with a top sheet.  The paisley and strip mix is fun!  Also the hot pink flamingo pillow!

This is probably my proudest item in the apartment.  I also saw this idea to hang your necklaces on a towel rod using 'S" hooks.  I have had all of my jewelry shoved into my travel jewelry bag for a year now.  It is nice to have some breathing room, especially since I have added to my collection lately!

This is a side sink and counter top area to the actual bathroom.  I will soon have a gorgeous antique stool that is being recovered in place of the hot pink stool.  Although I love the wooden stool I am excited to have a little more glam in the space.


As you can see the washer and the dryer are in the bathroom. It is something different but hey they work so all is well! 

I wanted to keep this room really crisp.  I loved the fluffy white shower curtain and found this one super cheap...thanks momma.  We searched high and low for the perfect rugs for the floor and finally found them at Stein Mart of all places.  

The two pieces of wall decor were in the kitchen of my place in Natchitoches, but they added just the perfect amount of color and inspiration for the bathroom.

TV area, since this picture I have had to rearrange the candle and cool little lion photo holders because of the ugly modem and router, but a girl's gotta have cable and internet ;)

Oh and if you can see the photo frame has pictures of cotton.  I picked these up from the National Beta Club advisor party.  A great southern charm to add to my apartment.

Yep...my new place.  The blue dog that I painted in Stagecraft during college greets you at the door!  One day I will have a real Blue dog painting in my home, but for now I am proud of this one.

Come visit me! anyone...seriously!


  1. Lovely, Julie! You did a great job of making it really homey and livable. I know your family helped but you get the credit! As for real Blue Dog, have you see the prices on Rodriguez's paintings? Good luck with that! But, hey, I hope that you can afford it one day!
    Love you, Mrs. Mary

  2. I LOVE the pics...but what happen to the pictures of where we camped out in the floor...hahaha....just kidding! I love the apartment it is simple but creative....I am glad you allowed me to be apart of it...I hope I listened and didn't over-power you with ideas. It's a Momma thing...you see one day. I miss you already...but am so excited for your new adventure...I wish I had been as BRAVE as you are at your age....LIVE YOUR DREAM and never settle for less. Love forever...Momma!!!

  3. Look at that fancy vanity! And that table! You Martha Stewart you.

  4. A new apartment also means loads of work to do! Endless organizing, arranging, redecorating, and adding your personal touch to make you feel at home in your new apartment. Anyway, how’s everything now?