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Friday, August 17, 2012

one slimy obstacle

I just have to share a story about Hattiesburg.  So last night I get back to my apartment from the Phi Mu house, the chapter had a mock rush for alumna which was extremely successful.  I arrive at the door and what is waiting for me? A HUGE FROG! This was not the prince charming kind of frog, but a  big ugly frog staring at me and keeping me from going in the apartment.  So I think to myself what do I do? Call mom....she answers and I tell her the story about this huge frog that is just going to jump on me if I get any closer.  She suggests shoving it with my foot...uh no! I decide to throw a stick at it, it didn't work! The frog is still there.  I am freaking out! Mom finally talks enough courage in me to get the keys in the door and unlock it.  I take a deep breath and jump through the tiny opening of the door, but leave the keys in the dead bolt.  :( While all of this is happening my mother is dying laughing on the phone at me!  I know I know, it was just a frog. Although it was a big frog and I really don't think this one would have turned into a prince by one kiss.  One could only dream. ha!  I get the keys out of the dead bolt, slam the door, and breathe a deep sigh of relief.

Later that night my phone rings and it's Dad.  I answer quickly and what happens on the other end? Laughter!  I can hardly hear him say "You gotta kiss a few frogs to find a prince" because he is hysterically laughing at me! I know I acted like a big ole sissy, but it did make for one great story :)

Hmm I haven't left the apartment today, hopefully the frog has moved on.  Cross your fingers!

One of my closest friends and omega sisters is coming to Hattiesburg to visit me!  My first visitor!  Can't wait to spend the weekend with Jessi!  Look out Hattiesburg two Omegas are in town!


  1. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    follow eachother?



  2. So stinking funny...you forgot the part about how it took over 15 minutes for me to coax you into that jump through the door....I think I am still laughing...and your dad too...love you pumpkin! So proud of you for keeping up your blog and sharing your life with people...have fun in Hattiesburg this year. You will be amazing as usual.....Love! Peace! and come home soon!...Momma

  3. LaJune...yep just followed you :) and haha thanks mom!

  4. Haha...

    Amphibiams and Reptiles are the worst. I had a snake encounter not too long ago, I feel your pain Fletcher.