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Friday, March 2, 2012

App State

While at Appalachian State University I had a wonderful visit filled with snow, great food, and a rental car all to myself!  I felt so independent driving to subway one day for lunch!  I never get to drive while I am away but this trip I rented a car from the airport in Bristol, TN and drove to Boone, NC!  Oh freedom...ha!  This visit probably had some of the best food I have tasted throughout this job.  
Enjoy the pics!

My poor little rental car covered in snow

Picture from my window at App State

The chapter asked me what I would like in my room...I said peaches and coke!
They thought this was a hilarious request...very southern of me!

Great little display at this cozy little restaurant called Hob Nob.
Love the bottles

who doesn't love drinking out of mason jars! too presh!

driving to the airport.  Gorgeous scenery!

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