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Sunday, March 4, 2012

160 years of Sisterhood!

March 4, 1852 three young women changed the world!
Mary Dupont Lines
Mary Myrick Daniel
Martha Hardaway Redding

Today Phi Mu celebrates 160 years of vibrant sisterhood.  I decided to share some pictures of my very first day of sisterhood with Phi Mu.  August 2007-Bid Day at Northwestern State University-Kappa Iota Chapter...enjoy the pics!  I cannot believe it has almost been 5 years since my own bid day.
I was so proud to take this picture!

DeShae and I on Bid Day.  
Fall 2007 pledge class! We were so excited!

So many women across the United States have been blessed to be among this organization.  This past year traveling as a consultant has been an amazing experience. When we visited Martha's grave in Macon, GA someone said, "Wow without that woman we would not have jobs right now"...crazy to think about it that way, but very true!

So proud of the legacy every Phi Mu leaves as we strive to live vibrant lives.  


Happy Founder's Day Phi Mu!

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