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Monday, March 19, 2012

Philly-city of brotherly LOVE

I had never been to Philly before!  It was great.  The President took me on a tour of the city.  Our tour guide certainly was an interesting character...although he was really informative.  Definitely learned plenty of new things that day!  Philadelphia has so many "firsts" it is really awesome to think about the history that it holds.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit there.  I tried my first philly cheesesteak! :) The visit was amazing...it really made me appreciate the blessing of this job.  I stopped to think about how far America has come since Ben Franklin and William Penn walked those Philly streets!  Wow!  It is pretty awesome to think about.

view as we drove into the city from the airport

the famous LOVE sign

We had lunch in this market!  It was so cool.  Jam packed.  We had crepes :)
They filmed some of national treasure here
Ben Franklin's grave-"he" makes on average $4,000 a year-the money goes to maintenance of the cemetery.

Where the Real World-Philly cast lived

oh betsey ross...she was really interesting.  I didn't know her story is really a conspiracy or said to be.  pretty cool!

we just thought this cat fountain thing was cool enough to take a picture with it

flag shop that created the flag that was used for Apollo 11

the city use to be filled with graffiti then a project got started and it is all now turned into art!
Philly is the world's largest outdoor museum.
over 3500 paintings
over 4500 statues

first fireman's hall-thought of my Uncle Jeff when we saw this

living here dates back to 1702---crazy!

this christening fountain dates back 600 years 

gorgeous organ at the Christ Church

I sat in the pew where George Washington sat long ago!

original candelabra 

post office where Ben Franklin use to work
they still do hand stamps
a lot of brides go in and use it for their wedding invitations

first soda-loved this!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I enjoyed taking them.  I certainly looked like a silly tourist that day.  There will be more on facebook!

until next time...

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